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Collect, Measure and Dispose of Operative Fluid–with No Interruption

Never before has there been a system like this a system that eliminates the need for canisters and fluid transport to give you unlimited surgical fluid disposal capacity and reduced risk of exposure. Now there is the revolutionary STREAMWAY™ Automated Surgical Fluid Control System.

ILLUMINATED FLUID VOLUME DATA – See real-time fluid volume from 20 feet away

BRIGHT TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY – Operate system via intuitive controls

VARIABLE VACUUM ADJUSTMENT – Adjust the field suction with an easy turn

RAPID CLEAN CYCLE – Ready system for next case using quick-clean program

BACKLIT FLUID VIEW CHAMBER – Visualize collected fluid through large window

QUICK-CONNECT SUCTION PORT – Attach up to 3 suction lines quickly and easily


The STREAMWAY System is installed on the operating room wall, so it’s off the floor and out of the way, yet always there when you need it. Because it’s connected directly into your facility’s existing plumbing, the STREAMWAY System automatically collects, measures and disposes of suctioned fluids throughout a procedure—with no intervention. Set-up is as simple as connecting the suction tubing and manifold to the STREAMWAY System’s suction port.

Unlike other canister-based products, the STREAMWAY System has unlimited capacity for uninterrupted performance in all your surgical cases. Imagine the benefits:

  • Provides automated collection, measurement and disposal virtually eliminates handling
  • Reduces exposure risk increases safety for staff and patients
  • Cuts expenses eliminates costly canisters, handling and disposal
  • Delivers uninterrupted performance increases operative efficiency
  • Decreases time for set-up and clean-up improves utilization of staff
  • Frees valuable floor space near surgical field improves operating environment

How It Works

Operative fluid is suctioned directly from the surgical field into the STREAMWAY System, which automatically measures and records volume before it disposes of the fluid directly into your facility’s existing plumbing system.

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