Eriacta represents a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other related male sexual dysfunction. Eriacta, though has its negative side effects, can to a greater extent reduces the boring sexual activities between partners. Sidenafil citrate is the basic component of Eriacta and this sildenafil citrate also forms the basic ingredients of other drugs associated with the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Derived   from a sildenafil, an off-white crystalline powder; it can be ingested with the aid of water easily. The reason is that sildenafil citrate is soluble in water. It is also used in the manufacturing of other performance enhancement drugs usually consumed by sportsmen and women. Why Eriacta is referred to as sildenafil Citrate is because it’s the generic name which represents the chemical name. Hence the brand name was given for marketing purpose. It is manufactured by Ranbaxy laboratories Limited, a prominent name in the Indian pharmaceutical Industry. The company is a member of Daiichi Sankyo Group, based in Japan. Ranbaxy laboratory limited was founded in the year 1961 and has so far cleared a major milestone in research and production of effective medicine. With an estimated sales turnover of USD $224 million in the first quarter of 2014; Ranbaxy Laboratories has earned a significant reputation in the global pharmaceutical market.

How it works

Eriacta is ingested orally with water and is absorbed into the bloodstream within an approximated time limit of 30-60 minutes. Eriacta functions as a restraint to an enzyme known as phosdiesterase (PDE5) found basically within the penis. Through restraining PDE5, muscles in the penis remains in a relaxed state for longer period, allowing increased blood flow into the tissue of the penis, while sustaining an erection during sexual activity. However, Eriacta is mostly produced in 100 milligrams and is safe for men up to the age of 65 and under.

Appropriate/Recommended Dose for Eriacta

For Eriacta 50 mg (milligram), the appropriate dose is 1 tablet, 1 hour before sexual activity. Eriacta 100 mg is to be taken without food 1-3 hours before sexual activity. Adults with case of kidney or liver disease are advised to start with the 25 mg (milligram). It cannot exceed Eriacta 100 mg within a 24 hour cycle and is effective for 4 hours.

Side Effects of Eriacta

Eriacta comes with mild effects generally associated with other sildenafil citrate medicines. These side effects include increased sensitivity to light, a headache, facial Flushing, and palpitation

Other stronger negative side effects of this drug include diarrhea and sometimes fainting. These side effects however occur on rare occasions.

Precautions before using Eriacta

There are certain precautions which must be strictly adhered to while administering Eriacta.

  1. A medication which contains nitrate reacts badly when it encounters sildenafil. Thus, it is advised for men on such medications to clear off Eriacta.
  2. Men with cardiovascular cases must also never use Eriacta. It is observed in a research that there exists a potential for cardiac arrest during sexual activity for patients with existing cardiovascular cases.
  3. It is imperative to recommend a continuous use of protection during sexual activities. This is because the use of Eriacta does not offer any protection against such retroviral diseases as HIV.
  4. It is also advisable to one’s doctor concerning other prescriptions which you have been using. This is important because certain over the counter drugs react badly with Eriacta.
  5. Eriacta is to be used by the male partner alone. Women are not to take this drug.
  6. Any side effect observed while making use of Eriacta must be reported to the doctor. It is however crucial to take make use of this drug only after due consultation and obtaining prescription from a qualified doctor.
  7. Diabetic patients on medication must not take this erectile dysfunction treatment drug.

Overview of Eriacta Reviews

Having explored the many Eriacta reviews on and off the internet concerning this erectile dysfunction treatment medication, one can safely assert that Eriacta is as good as Viagra, if not better; in terms of performance and longevity. Reports from the critical point of view of medical experts confirm that Eriacta 100 mg which is made up of sildenafil citrate helps develop and sustain an erection for the period of 4hours. However, the medicine only works when one is excited sexual, thereby taking care of inconveniences of getting an erection when and where inappropriate. The price of Eriacta is the major highpoint of note. It sells cheaper than most of its competitors like Viagra. The amount of Eriacta reviews cannot be quantified but the feedbacks pose as a large sign post with very bold and clear message for its users and potential users. It is safe.

The drug is effective on most erectile dysfunction patients. It is generating adequate goodwill and image towards the manufacturing company. Using Eriacta is a win-win situation, considering the rate of positive customer feedback. The medicine is generating adequate popularity ensuring that information about it is available on all relevant web pages.

Eriacta Reviews

I’m too obsessed with brand medications. There are many talks about brand or generic, what’s better among two. So, when it comes to drugs, the main factor is effectiveness. My Eriacta hasn’t yet failed me. It works perfectly, keeps me in always-ready form and works in a natural way. Love it – David

I am 57 years young and feeling younger, thanks to Eriacta. I had a nice time with my partner in bed. I was afraid I might have side effects but it all went well. I overslept for a day or two, and then got back to routine. – Jerry

Eriacta worked well for my husband, Joshua. We tried the medicine in March. Since then, he is using it regularly, but carefully – Farya

Jack C