Generic Levitra

levitraGeneric Levitra is a prescription drug similar to Viagra and Cialis. However, Levitra is used when drugs such as Viagra and Cialis have failed to achieve the desired results. It is used to treat sexual dysfunction problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence in men.There have been a lot of questions concerning the involvement of the drug in the cure for erectile dysfunction. The drug is not used as cure for the disease, but can be used to sustain an erection during sex. That is why it is taken prior to sex and not after sex.Levitra generic drugs are very effective for the treatment of ED. Men who have been suffering from this condition can go for the drug and be rest assured to go home happy.

What is Generic Levitra and Vardenafil?

Generic Levitrais an analogue of Levitra, which has the same composition: Vardenafil and pharmacological properties as the original drug. However, Generic Levitrais much cheaper than conventional Levitra.

Where to buy Generic Levitra

You can buy Generic Levitra online from reputable pharmacies. Since it is a prescription drug, due process should be followed before purchasing it. The pharmacist or doctor needs to evaluate your status before administering it. The first thing to do when buying Generic Levitra online is to determine the authenticity of the online pharmacy store. Check with relevant bodies like the FDA, and other concerned health bodies that regulates drugs.

Drug Interactions

There are some drugs, which interacts with Generic Levitra. One of the benefit of following the right channel, in the purchase of the drug is for proper usage.Generic Levitra should not be taken with other drugs like riociguat (Adempas). Also, if you are taking nitrate drugs like nitroglycerin, do not take Generic Levitra.

If you take medication such as warfarin (Coumadin), antibiotics like erythromycin (Eryc) or doxazosin (Cardura), avoid Generic Levitra. Also, if you take medication for HIV such as tipranavir (Aptivus) efavirenz (Sustiva) and others, do not use the drug.

Contraindications for Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra are not recommended for people with hypersensitivity to vardenafil, as well as those who suffer from any of the following diseases: atherosclerosis, gastric ulcer, angina, heart failure, cancer, deformation of the penis.

Side effects of Generic Levitra:

Generic Levitra does not cause addiction, and side effects are rare and mild. However, you may experience the following side effects: dizziness, headache, runny nose, indigestion. In any case, before taking Generic Levitra it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Reasons to buy Generic Levitra online

One of the reason why people choose to buy Generic Levitra online is because of price. Online pharmaceutical stores, sell cheap Generic Levitra. Another thing is to be vigilant when buying drugs online, because of the high rate of fraud. There are a lot of companies that are selling fake drugs online to people. Be very vigilant when you buy generic Levitra online. Check the drugs properly for manufacturing date as well as expiry date. Ensure that the pharmacy you are buying from is not just recognized for selling the drugs, but also has the necessary licensing.

Reviews for Generic Levitra

“Problems with erection started to show up. I studied information in the Internet and saw a lot of good reviews about Generic Levitra, decided to try. The effect is excellent! And action is very quickly”

“Generic Levitra I tried twice, the results are encouraging. One hour before dinner I took a tablet and had the first sexual intercourse in 1.5 hour, it quietly took a few hours of sex. I am glad that involuntary erection after taking Levitra is not happening”

“I decided to break Levitra 20 mg into 4 parts and drank a quarter of it, I had an awesome effect just after a quarter of it!”