Mesnex (Mesna)®

Mesnex (Mesna)® – A Chemoprotectant, Reducing Side Effects Caused by Chemotherapy Drugs

Cancer is a very serious disease and now it is in many types affecting different parts of the body. The pathetic part is that most people realize they are suffering with cancer only in the advanced stages, regardless of the type of cancer. The fact is not hidden that most chemotherapy drugs cause side effects and this is the reason now health care professionals are referring to drugs in some cases so that the side effects are reduced of certain chemotherapy drugs.

How it is treated

Mesnex is not relating to any cancer treatment. I fact, Mesnex is a medication known as chemo protectant. Mesnex or Mesne generic, Mesna is used so that it protects the bladder from certain chemotherapy agents causing harmful side effects such as bleeding in the bladder.

Mesnex or Mesna, the generic Mesnex is a medicine prescribed and used to lessen the risk of inflammation and hemorrhagic cystitis (bleeding of the bladder) in people receiving ifosfamide,a medicine given to treat cancer. However, Mesnex or the generic Mesnex, Mesna does not reduce the blood in the urine happening due to other medical conditions.

How it works

Mesnex or the Mesne generic, Mesna is referred to as a chemo protective agent. Thus, Mesna, the generic Mesnex drug is used with certain chemotherapy types to protect the body or to reduce the chemotherapy side effects. Mesnex or the Mesne generic, Mesna, does not eliminate completely the side effects, but they protect the body from potentially serious side effects.

Mesnex or the generic Mesnex, Mesna gets converted in the blood into an inactive form, while it is reactivated as it starts circulating through the kidneys. The Mesna reactivated works by breaking down the substances produced by a drug within the body.

Generally, ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide are two specific chemotherapies given in high doses. The produce a metabolite acrolein on breaking down and this metabolite is toxic to the bladder. Here, the Mesnex or the Mesne generic, Mesna inactivates acrolein and reduces or prevents bladder problems.

Mesnex Dosing, Strength and Administration

Mesnex is available in the injection form as 1g multidose vial, 100 mg/mL and the Mesnex tablets come as 400 mg film-coated tablets. Mesnex or the Mesne generic, Mesna is given by IV infusion or in a pill form to be taken orally. This can be taken before or after or with the chemotherapy, same time.

The actual dose of Mesnex or the generic Mesnex, Mesna is based on the size and dose of the patient’s body and also the chemotherapy dose she or he is receiving. In the hospital a test strip is used to check the urine to ensue cystitis does not develop. Drinking plenty of fluids, non-alcoholic is a must, while taking Mesnex or Mesne generic, Mesna.

Where to buy Mesnex

Mesna or Mesnex is available online and you can buy Mesnex online at This is a genuine online drug supplier.

Mesnex, being the original pill, the Mesnex cost is high and so opting for the budget pill, the generic Mesnex, Mesna is affordable. Mesna, the generic Mesnex version drug is lesser than the Mesnex price.

At, you can buy Mesnex online and also the Mesne generic drugs. Be assured they are genuine suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Who should not take Mesnex?” People allergic to Mesnex or the ingredients in Mesnex may avoid taking this medicine.

“When will Mesnex be given?”

Mesnex or the generic Mesnex, Mesna is given the same time and day you receive ifosfamide or within 4 to 8 hours after receiving ifosfamide. This may be given as tablets or as IV infusion.

“How much liquid should be taken?”

Mesnex should be taken with 1 to 2 liters a day.

“How to store Mesnex tablets?”

Mesnex tablets must be stored between 68°F to 77°F room temperature.

“What to do if you miss a dose of Mesna?”

Immediately contact your doctor and find the next step.

Customer Reviews.

Comment from: Sassy, 55-64 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient)Published: December 16

At first I found that I was very tired and sleepy and did not feel quite like myself. However, the bleeding stopped which was the goal of this treatment. I would highly recommend this medication and drink the required amount of liquids to keep your bladder flushed.

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