Sildigra Users Guide

Sildigra is a well-known treatment to cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. Although the product has stayed for a while in the sexual health market (introduced in 2005), but largely because of the various sildigra benefits, its popularity and usage has continued to increase as the years rolls by and rightfully so, sildigra has continually provided a convenient albeit temporary treatment for impotence as well as premature ejaculation.

Sildigra is very effective in the management of erectile dysfunction. It has been known to provide better erection in about 76% of people while an estimated percentage of above 89% of people have had benefits from taking sildenafil super active. Even people with a severe degree of erectile dysfunction have benefited from using Sildigra.

Product Description

Sildigra Super Power is an analogue of Viagra which has similar pharmaceutical characteristics and enhances the sexual function of a man. Its main working ingredient is sildenafil citrate. Sildigra is used for the prevention of impotence because it does not have exhausting characteristics and can work only within 4 hours. The mechanism of the action of Sildigra consists in the intense increase of the blood circulation in the penis, during which the cavernous bodies will be filled with blood. The man has an erection because of the filled cavernous bodies of the penis. If you gained erection with the help of Sildigra, it will be kept until the end of the sexual intercourse. You can be confident that your erection will not be weak during the sexual intercourse. Only after the natural ejaculation, there is a dilation of the blood vessels, and the blood goes away from the penis tissues. Sildigra 100 is manufactured by RSM Enterprises which is based in India. It was first established in 2002 as a supplier of herbal and sex medicines. It started gaining popularity in 2008 although it is still relatively unknown compared to other bigger pharmaceutical companies.

How to Use Sildigra

The pill is to be taken orally with a glass of water. It should be taken 1 hour before the sexual intercourse. The drug shows its action within 30 minutes of intake. Only one pill is to be taken according to the recommended dose by the doctor. The overdose of the drug is to be avoided in all cases as the drug is known to cause many side effects. The elderly, liver or kidney and heart disease patients can get this drug only after careful dose adjustment. The possible underlying hypersensitivity to the drug is to be diagnosed before introducing the drug along with the clinical diagnosis of any underlying anatomical abnormalities of the penis.

Sildigra Dosage

Take Sildigra 100 tablet an hour prior to performing sexual activity. The sildenafil component in the combination is quickly dissolved and absorbed into the blood stream and achieves full vigor inside an hour after consumption. Avoid heavy fat foods when using Sildigra Super Power. Foods such as a cheeseburger and French fries that are also laden with high cholesterol slow the absorption process. Taking alcohol alongside sildigra Super Power decreases its efficiency as it also slows its absorption. For effective Sildigra usage, only take one tablet in a day an hour prior to having sex and avoid the meals that interact with the medication if you want only sildigra benefits. The effects of Sildigra last for up to 5 hours.

Sildigra Side Effects

Please note that accurate Sildigra usage will not lead to the development of many untoward side effects. Some persons, however, might develop side effects but these are usually mild to moderate in nature. Some such adverse effects will include headache, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, diarrhea, skin rashes, joint pain, urogenital infections, hot flashes, dizziness, back pain and flu-like symptoms. Some other side effects too might be seen during intake of sildenafil super active. If the person taking the drug sees any kind of adverse effects, it is best to seek medical help at the earliest.

How to Buy Sildigra Online

Regardless of its popularity, one constant challenge that sildigra usage have experienced over time is the production and sales of substandard sildigra 100 tablets. A close look suggests that this challenge is not entirely new and does not in any way prove too difficult to handle but it is a constant source of worry for most sildigra manufacturers as well as sildigra suppliers on how effectively convinced the intending buyers of the product who are always on the lookout for a safe place to buy sildigra products that theirs is genuine. As a result of this complication, major sildigra stores and sildigra suppliers once in a while run sildigra free trial program which is in a bid to get users to confirm the genuineness of their product and then subsequently buy from them. Others even go to the extent of selling cheap sildigra products all in a bid to achieve the same goal. Sildigra users are hereby advised that the authenticity of sildigra brands are not as safe as most drug shops portray it, thereby absolute care should be taken before buying the product from any sildigra store or even placing your sildigra order online.

Sildegra Tablets are easily available at online pharmacies for purchase and can be bought even without a prescription. But as earlier stated, where to buy cheap sildigra should not be the only criteria for intending buyers to buy from any online drug store, buyers should also alongside with price check out for the best place to buy sildigra drugs online. On a final note, it will be advisable for users to always place their sildigra order directing from sildigra manufactures.

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