Tabloid (Thioguanine)®

Treating acute Non-Lymphocytic Leukemia with Tabloid (Thioguanine)®

No matter the stage where cancer is first noticed, the primary focus will always be to quickly inhibit its growth, and spread to other areas of the body. Doing this early on would greatly enhance the probability of overcoming the cancer, and recovering fully. Perhaps it is a good place to make a strong case for early detection; early detection and diagnosis gives you a much better chance of not just surviving, but making a full recovery. That said, any chance above zero is worth fighting against, and with drugs like Tabloid (also known by the generic name Thioguanine) that can aid in stifling the growth and spread of cancerous cells, the odds are bound to increase in the favor of the patient.

How Thioguanine works against acute non-lymphatic Leukemia

Acute non- lymphatic leukemia is a disease in which there are numerous under grown white blood cells in the blood and bone marrows. This blood cancer is very aggressive, and within a very short while, the cells can totally overwhelm the body. That is why Thioguanine is used to treat it, so that it can be stopped in its track, or to slow it down enough till other solutions are deemed viable. Thioguanine achieves this by:

  • It inhibits the conversion between purine nucleotide
  • It integrates into the DNA and RNA
  • It prevents the synthesis of de novo purine

Overall, it effectively prevents the synthesis of and usage of purine nucleotides that are essential in driving the growth of acute non-lymphatic Leukemia.

Administering (Thioguanine): Dosing, Strengths, and Side effects

Thioguanine or generic Tabloid is only available in pills, and can only be administered orally. The dose of Tabloid is however dependent upon the age, state, and stage of the acute non-lymphatic Leukemia. That said, it is recommended that the initial dose should be 2mg of Thioguanine) per every kg of body weight, and changed to 3mg of Thioguanine per every kg of body weight if no changes occur in the treated patient. For example, a man weighing 80kg will need 160mg of Thioguanine per day i.e. 4 tablets (each tablet of Thioguanine is 40 mg). This dosage can be taken at once at anytime during the day.

Where to buy Thioguanine

You can buy Thioguanine online at, or at any of your local drug stores. At, we adhere to strict guidelines concerning the sales of prescription drugs; this means after ordering, it can take up to 48 hours before you get your parcel tracking via email.

At our online store, you have the choice of purchasing the brand name if your pocket allows it, or check any of our other generic types that also have Thioguanine for cheaper prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there side effects with the UK Tabloid brand name?”

There are side effects such as swelling of the legs and other body parts, nausea, mouth sores and many others. Side effects usually vary in patients, and it is advisable to relay the information of any noticed change in the body to your doctor immediately.

“What important things should my doctor know before being administered UK Tabloids?”

You should let your doctor know if you are pregnant, or planning to get pregnant. Additionally, any information about other health issues should be shared with your doctor.

“What should I do if I miss a dose?”

Whenever you miss a dose of UK tabloids, you should call your doctor immediately as he/she alone can prescribe the next line of action.

“Where can I get generic Tabloid?”

At, we stock the brand UK Tabloid and other generic forms of Thioguanine for those who afford the Tabloid price.

“Can I buy generic Tabloid without prescription?”

No! You cannot buy it online without a prescription from a registered healthcare professional.

“How much does Tabloid cost?”

The cost is dependent on whether you go for the branded UK Tabloid, or you go for other UK Tabloid generic forms which we both stock at

“Are there other drug interactions with generic Tabloid or UK Tabloid Generic?”

Purinethol (mercaptopurine) usually has a complete reaction with generic UK tabloid. As a precaution against other drugs, you should let your doctor know all the medications you are presently undergoing; whether prescribed or over the counter.

Customer Reviews

“It truly has helped to keep my Leukemia in check…after trying many therapies to slow progression. I have been on Thiguarine for about 2 months now. The full doses are trying but once the treatment is cut into half doses it is very manageable.”


“My Kaiser doc said try THIOGUANINE.THANK YOU!!! This worked better than anything 2 40 mg tabs a day and I can feel the difference already in days not weeks!!”