• Velcade (Bortezomib)

    Velcade (Bortezomib)

    PROTEASOME INHIBITOR VELCADE (BORTEZOMIB) VELCADE (BORTEZOMIB) is an antineoplastic agent the first in a new class of drugs called proteasome inhibitors, an example of target chemotherapy. BORTEZOMIB mechanism of action is by inhibiting enzyme complexes called proteasomes. Both normal cells and cancer cells contain proteasomes that break down damaged proteins into smaller components. Inhibition of

  • Becenum (Carmustine)

    Becenum (Carmustine)

    Treatment of Multiple Myeloma with Becenum (Carmustine) Multiple myeloma is regarded as the cancer of the blood that develops on plasma cells. It is classified as the 14th leading cause of cancer death in the United States of America. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cells that helps the body to fight against

  • Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ®

    Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ®

    Uses of Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ® Procarbazine Hydrochloride is referred by the trade name Matulane. Most of the healthcare professionals use the trade name instead of the generic drug name that is Procarbazine Hydrochloride. Matulane is a chemotherapy drug. It is an alkylating agent used for the treatment of brain tumors, lung cancer, melanoma, multiple