• Bexxar (Tositumomab)

    Bexxar (Tositumomab)

    Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment with Bexxar (Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 Tositumomab) Among the most common types of cancer diseases that cause death in the United Sates of America, non-Hodgkin lymphoma is rated as seventh. Normally, the possibility of someone developing this disease increases as he or she grows old,several reports have shown that men are

  • Treanda (Bendamustine Hydrochloride)

    Treanda (Bendamustine Hydrochloride)

    B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment with Treanda (Bendamustine Hydrochloride) The estimated figure of people living with B-cell lymphoma in the United States of America is over 500,000. This disease develops from the lymphatic system and spreads throughout the body of patients if it is not treated or discovered on time. Treanda (Bendamustine Hydrochloride) was approved by

  • Ambochlorin (Chlorambucil)

    Low cost chemotherapy medication for non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment Chlorambucil is a low cost medication that is effective for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The truth is that when people hear the word “low cost medication,” they quickly conclude in their minds that the drug in question is of low quality. Chlorambucil (Generic form) is also

  • Bleomycin (Blenoxane)

    Bleomycin (Blenoxane)

    Treatment of Testicular Cancer with Bleomycin (Blenoxane) It might be possible to say that testicular cancer is rare, especially when it is being compared to other forms of cancer. However, this type of cancer is the most common in the United States of America. It affects males, between the ages of 15 to 35. The

  • Vincasar PFS (Vincristine Sulfate)

    Vincasar PFS (Vincristine Sulfate)

    Vincasar PFS® (Vincristine Sulfate) – Safe Low Cost Drugs for Children Cancerous tumors are characterized by irregular and abnormal cell division which can no longer be controlled. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells to stop these abnormal cell divisions. Basically, chemotherapy is most effective at killing cells that are dividing at rapid periods. Vincasar PFS®, generic name

  • Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ®

    Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ®

    Uses of Matulane (Procarbazine Hydrochloride) ® Procarbazine Hydrochloride is referred by the trade name Matulane. Most of the healthcare professionals use the trade name instead of the generic drug name that is Procarbazine Hydrochloride. Matulane is a chemotherapy drug. It is an alkylating agent used for the treatment of brain tumors, lung cancer, melanoma, multiple