Taxol (Paclitaxel)®

Treating Malignant Solid Tumors with Taxol (Paclitaxel)®

Solid tumors can be either malignant or benign. Malignant solid tumors are cancerous, while benign solid tumors are not. The names of solid tumors vary depending on the cells or tissues that from them. Examples of solid tumors include sarcomas (connective tissues e.g. fat cells, muscles, nerves, tendons etc), carcinomas (begin in tissues that lines the internal surface of the body and body organs e.g. breast, lung, prostrate, and colon), Lymphomas (affects the immune system).

These malignant solid tumors like other dangerous cancers require treatments and Taxol known by the generic name Paclitaxel is used. Taxol (Paclitaxel) is a chemotherapy drug used for treating malignant solid tumors like breast, prostate cancer, ovarian, lung, bladder and other malignant solid tumors. It is known as a plant “alkaloid” because it is extracted from the bark of Pacific yew tree, and “cytoxic” because it acts against cancer.

How is Taxol (Paclitaxel) taken?

Paclitaxel Taxol can only be taken via injection or intravenous infusion into the veins. It doesn’t come in capsules or tablets. You take the injections or drip from a registered nurse at your healthcare facility. Prior to this though, your blood should have been tested to ensure you can handle chemotherapy.

The frequency and dose of injection is determined by different factors like your weight, stage of progression of the tumor. Additionally, other pills or steroids can be given to reduce or prevent allergic reactions, as well as side effects. To ensure the Taxol is passed gradually and over a specified amount of time, it can be passed via a pump just to ensure it is not rushed.

Where to buy Paclitaxel Taxol

You can buy your brand name Taxol or other Taxol generic online, or from your local drug store. One of the online places you can get paclitaxel is At, you can either purchase brand name Taxol if your pocket allows, or purchase the cheaper generic Taxol at pocket friendly prices.

It takes a maximum of 48 hours for your parcel tracking number to hit your email – this allows us to thoroughly go through the order to ensure it satisfies all requirements. For competitive Taxol or paclitaxel price, visit us today at today.

Side effects associated with paclitaxel Taxol

Side effects vary from being common to ones that have been observed in rare cases. Some of the side effects associated with paclitaxel Taxol or Taxol generic variants are listed below:

Common side effects include:

  • Aneamia: Intake of paclitaxel Taxol and other generic Taxol variants can reduce the red blood cells. This can cause you to feel very tired, and breathless. This is because red blood cells transfer oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Reduced white blood cells: white blood cells help the body fight against diseases and sicknesses. When this is low, the risk of infections is very high. It is advised to stay clear of people that are sick while taking Taxol or any Taxol generic variants.
  • Feeling sick: at the onset of the chemotherapy treatment, feeling sick is mostly inevitable. However, doctors prescribe anti-emetic drugs to help control sicknesses.

Rare but possible side effects include:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Changes in heart beat rhythm
  • Tummy pain

Please note that this list is not an exhaustive list of side effects and at such any observed pain or changes in body function or appearance should be immediately communicated to your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I buy Taxol online without prescription?”

No, you cannot buy Taxol online without a prescription from a registered doctor.

“What important things should my doctor know before being administered paclitaxel Taxol or Taxol generic variants?”

Tell your doctor about the other drugs you are taking if any especially if any of the drugs are Adriamycin, Neulasta, Decadron, Herceptin etc. Also include vitamins and mineral supplements as well. Other important information to disclose include if you are pregnant, or currently breastfeeding a child.

“Would it cost me more to buy generic Taxol online than at a local drug store?”

No. Rather, you will be making some savings on the Taxol cost because we offer more competitive prices than local drug stores. This is because we keep our overhead cost to the minimum and can offer better Taxol price.

“What should I do if I miss a dose of paclitaxel Taxol or other Taxol generic variants?”

The rule of thumb is to call your doctor immediately you remember.

Customer Reviews

“I received Taxol along with cisplatin every 4 weeks for a total of 4 treatments. I did not recognize the numbness in my feet as a side effect because it was winter time and that is how my feet frequently feel most of the winter. So far the post op and post chemo tests are negative. I had no other problems during the chemo treatments.”


“Am a survivor of over 23 yrs now, had used Taxol before with all the usual side effects and I am using it again, but the side effects are more enhanced and also a major burning in your mouth that cannot be corrected with anything.”


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