Bacterial infection treatment with Principen (Ampicillin)

Fighting bacterial infections is now accomplished with different classes or families of antibiotics. Each is family developed to be more efficient in a specific organ infected or the causative bacteria. A renowned member of the penicillin group is the ampicillin antibiotic. Generic ampicillin as branded by different pharmaceutical companies is used in the prevention and treatment of a variety of infections due to bacteria. Respiratory and urinary tract infections, endocarditis, salmonellosis and meningitis are among the few known bacterial infections treated by ampicillin. It is the very first discovered antibacterial medication with a broad spectrum. Ampicillin is effective in the prevention and treatment of many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Ampicillin is also the first compound to be used in the treatment of enterococcus. Ampicillin overcomes resistance by many bacteria to other antibiotics when administered. It’s spectrum potency is boosted with any medication that blocks beta-lactamase. Ampicillin works better when combined with vancomycin for the treatment of meningitis caused by bacteria.however, ampicillin has no potency in the treatment of infections back virus and fungi such as cold or flu.

How does ampicillin work?

Being a member of the antibacterial medications called beta-lactam, ampicillin behaves like amoxicillin. The action of ampicillin is to create an irreversible blockage of transpeptidase enzyme needed by bacteria to generate its walls.

Ampicillin dosage and form

produced as suspension, tablets, capsules and injections (powder),which come with equivalent ampicillin dose. Ampicillin suspension doses are 250 mg/5 ml and 125 mg/5 ml. The capsules and tablets come in strengths of 500mg and 250mg. While the injection comes in125 mg for either in 1 g, 2 g or 10 g. The maximum dose (500mg) is usually taken by adults as well as used mostly if the infection is severe. It can as well serve as a single dose to cut off the frequency of the intake. In some treatments, ampicillin 500 mg would serve as the starting dose after which the patient would be recommended to reduce the dose to 250mg or less as the case may be. However, there is no provision to take more than 500mg at once. The dose to be taken by patients is advised to be recommended by the doctor or health care personnel.

Most bacteria treatments using ampicillin antibiotic requires the patients to take 500mg or ampicillin 250 mg as the case may be every 6 hours. The doses may be taken in form of capsule or tablet. this dosage is also applicable for the intravenous or intramuscular injections. The duration for the use of ampicillin is between periods of 5 to 42 days. This duration and dosage depend on the severity of the bacterial infection and other medical conditions. Nevertheless, you are strictly advised to seek complete guide on how to use ampicillin from your doctor or health care provider.


There is a tendency for ampicillin allergy among some patients with bacterial infections. Hence, a proper check up and review on medical history is required to ascertain if a patient is eligible to use ampicillin antibiotic as a treatment plan. you are advised to discuss with your doctor if ampicillin allergy or other members of penicillin allergy is applicable to you.

Ampicillin price and where to buy

The brand name, dosage or store may affect the ampicillin cost. It is possible to buy ampicillin 500mg from different stores at different prices even though they have the same ampicillin brand name. Some buyers believe that generic ampicillin with less promotion would cost cheaper. Ampicillin price can be said to be around us$0.5 per pill. You can buy ampicillin online or from physical stores but you are strongly advised to buy ampicillin from a trusted store.