Can Men Delay Early Orgasms With The Tug?



Early Ejaculation is a problem that plagues many men and one which leads to an incredible amount of frustration for both partners.

In a standard heterosexual relationship, the woman will become frustrated at never getting to the point of orgasm herself, and her dissatisfaction can lead to serious relationship problems, while the man becomes embarrassed, and may lose his sex drive all together.

Sex is a natural part of a healthy, loving relationship, and this problem can ruin that aspect of your life together. Here are a few tips that can help you overcome this embarrassing but common sexual problem.

Practice Climax Delays

It is natural that men orgasm more quickly than women – this is a lingering effect of the evolutionary urge to impregnate as many females as possible.

However, it is not ideal in a relationship. Masturbation can help you to learn how to delay your orgasm. When you masturbate, take yourself to the point where you are about to orgasm, and then stop.

Focus on your breathing and the feelings at that point. Repeat, stopping each time. You will learn when you are going to orgasm, and how to stop in time, plus you will build up resistance to increase your stamina.

The Right Position To Prolong Ejaculation Condition

Sex is good, and it makes you feel great. However, there are ways in which you can make love that do not give you maximum, intense pleasure all of the time. Changing positions will help you to last longer to delay your orgasm in two ways.

Firstly, pausing the action to move around is a literal halt to the thrusting and stimulation, which will push your orgasm back slightly. And secondly, there are certain positions that will not stimulate you as much.

Spooning For Longer Time

For example, spooning is a great position for having sex for a longer time without reaching orgasm. Because you enter your woman from behind, you are more likely to hit her G Spot, plus your hands are free to caress her breasts, buttocks and clitoris while you kiss her.

She will do all of the work, rocking her hips back into you, and the limited range of motion, while pleasurable, will not push you over the edge.

The Testicles Tug For More Stamina

When you orgasm, your testicles pull up into your body. You can delay ejaculation to increase your stamina by gently tugging on your testicles downwards just before you reach that point. If your partner times this movement correctly, your orgasm and ejaculation will be delayed. Just be gentle!

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