• Gleevec (Imatinib)

    Gleevec (Imatinib)

    What is generic Gleevec (Imatinib)? What are its uses? Generic Imatinib tackles the growth of specific cancer cells. Generic Imatinib is used to cure specific types of leukemia, skin cancer, bone marrow disorders, and stomach as well as digestive system problems. Imatinib tablets are also used for other purposes too. You should take Imatinib gleevec

  • Zytiga (Abiraterone acetate)

    Zytiga (Abiraterone acetate)

    What is zytiga? What are its uses? Zytiga is an effective drug that treats a specific type of prostate cancer that can be easily spread to other parts of the body. Zytiga with prednisone drug treats the malignant tumors of the prostate cancer. Abiraterone Zytiga may also be used to treat other severe conditions of

  • Fareston (Toremifene)

    Fareston (Toremifene)

    Fareston- Affordable Treatment for Breast Cancer Fareston, a medicine available as white, round tablets (60 mg), is the brand name for Toremifene and used as a hormone therapy for postmenopausal women to treat breast cancer. Use of this Powerful Pill? Fareston is used to treat hormone-dependent metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The cancer that

  • Xalkori (Crizotinib)

    Xalkori (Crizotinib)

    TARGETED CHEMOTHERAPY, DRUG CRIZOTINIB (XALKORI) CRIZOTINIB (XALKORI) is an orally available tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It is an example of a target chemotherapy drug. It targets a specific protein (tyrosine kinase) within cancer cells, inhibits it and stops cancer cells from growing. CRIZOTINIB is generic with the brand name XALKORI It is manufactured by Pfizer. CRIZOTINIB

  • Dacogen (Decitabine)

    Dacogen (Decitabine)

    Blood and Marrow Cancer Treatment with Decitabine With over 100 types of cancer existing today, cost is the next biggest and the least discussed concern for patients diagnosed with cancer. You never know how much you have to part with towards treatment until you are in it. In truth, cancer treatment affects finances beyond draining

  • Aminolevulinic Acid (Levulan)

    Aminolevulinic Acid (Levulan)

    Treating Actinic Keratosis with Aminolevulini Acid One major concern for many cancer patient is the high cost of cancer medications. When you fall serious ill of cancer, there is every tendency that you might not be able to go to work as you use to or earn a living. Still, you need to get drugs

  • Iressa (Gefitinib)

    Iressa (Gefitinib)

    IS THERE HOPE? Cancer Explained Over the years, cancer has been seen as the dangerous plague whose diagnosis leaves the affected with eulogies in their mind’s eye, as though their transition to the next world is imminent. It’s a feared condition whose effect rolls over to loved ones, that soon becomes a burden that weighs

  • Clolar (Clofarabine)

    Clolar (Clofarabine)

    What Is Clolar (Clofarabine)? Clolar (Clofarabine) is one of the primary medications to get an endorsement for the prescription of a newborn child having leukemia (between the years of 1 to 21) before grown-up particularly intense lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) where two introductory regimens have fizzled. The capacity of the medication to bring about change in

  • Busulfex (Busulfan)

    Busulfex (Busulfan)

    What is Busulfex (Busulfan)? Busulfex (Busulfan) is a tumor medication that keeps the development and expansion of growth cancer organisms in your body. Busulfex (Busulfan) is utilized for healing the indications of perpetual myelogenous leukaemia, a kind of blood growth. In any case, Busulfex (Busulfan) is not a remedy for leukaemia. Busulfex (Busulfan) may likewise

  • Neosar (Cyclophosphamide)

    What is Neosar (Cyclophosphamide)? Neosar (Cyclophosphamide) is an effective malignancy solution. It keeps the development and spread of disease cells in the body.Neosar (Cyclophosphamide) is utilized for the treatment of a few sorts of disease. This drug is likewise used to treat certain instances of nephrotic disorder (kidney infection) in kids.Neosar (Cyclophosphamide) may likewise have

  • Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate)

    Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate)

    What does Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate) mean? Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate) is an exceptionally viable tumor medicine. This medication works by meddling with the development of malignancy cells. The spread of these disease cells is likewise averted through the activity of this drug. Navelbine (Vinorelbine Tartrate) is utilized for the treatment of non-little cell lung tumor, by

  • Zykadia (Ceritinib)

    Zykadia (Ceritinib)

    What Is Zykadia (Ceritinib)? Zykadia generic which goes by the name Ceritinib is the drug approved for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) particularly for patients who have progressed form of the disease or those whose body cells are intolerant to crizotinib. Zykadia (Ceritinib)is a product of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, approved on the

  • Bexxar (Tositumomab)

    Bexxar (Tositumomab)

    Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment with Bexxar (Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 Tositumomab) Among the most common types of cancer diseases that cause death in the United Sates of America, non-Hodgkin lymphoma is rated as seventh. Normally, the possibility of someone developing this disease increases as he or she grows old,several reports have shown that men are

  • Nexavar (Sorafenib)

    Nexavar (Sorafenib)

    Liver, Kidney and Thyroid Cancer Statistics Liver cancer is a common disease especially in the sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asian countries. In these countries, it is the commonest type of cancer compared to other cancers and accounts for the bigger percentage of cancer deaths, which now stand at more than 600, 000 deaths. Each year,

  • Abraxane (Paclitaxel Albumin)

    Abraxane (Paclitaxel Albumin)

    Low cost Generic Abraxane for Breast Cancer Generic Abraxane is a low cost medication, effective for the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Those who are looking for a powerful and cheap cancer medicine can take advantage of the low cost Generic Abraxane, as it is as active and powerful as the

  • Beleodaq (Belinostat)

    Beleodaq (Belinostat)

    Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Treatment with Beleodaq (Belinostat) This type of cancer, accounts for over 15% of all non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases in the United States of America. Peripheral T- cell lymphoma develops when the T- lymphocytes (white blood cells) becomes abnormal or develops abnormally. There are different treatment methods that can be used for this condition.

  • SUTENT (sunitinib)

    SUTENT (sunitinib)

    TARGETED CHEMOTHERAPY, DRUG SUTENT (SUNITINIB) SUTENT (SUNITINIB) is a target chemotherapy drug from a new class of multikinase inhibitors. It targets a specific protein within cancer cells, stops them from growing leading to eventual destruction and shrinkage of tumors. Sutent is the brand name while sunitinib malate is the generic.It is manufactured by Pfizer inc.


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