• What is Levothroid?

    Levothroid is a health supplement that is manufactured specifically to reverse the effects of thyroid hormone deficiency in a victim. In the cases of an insufficient hormone, it stimulates the production of more thyroid hormone to supplement the existing one, while it produces the hormone where it is non-existing. In either case, the use of

  • What is Dostinex?

    This medication is a product of extensive research that is targeted toward regulating the production of prolactin in the body. This will automatically put an end to the negative side effects of the overproduction of this hormone. The generic Dostinex is cabergoline. Dostinex Uses Dostinex can handle some health conditions such as the side effects

  • What is Mestinon?

    Mestinon is a health supplement that is formulated with the objective of helping individuals who struggle with muscle disease, known as myasthenia gravis, to overcome the problem. Since the problem of muscle disease is caused by the breakdown of acetylcholine, Mestinon prevents muscle disease by strengthening acetylcholine and prevent it from breaking down. Mestinon generic


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