Check your Attitude at the Door

I’ve previously mentioned how I am not too fond of my painting class this semester.

I was required to take 3 credit hours of fine arts with a lab for my degree and I thought: “Painting? Sounds like fun!” I’ve always considered myself to be a bit creative and maybe even artistic, so what could go wrong?

Let me tell you how wrong I was. It’s amazing what painting next to a bunch of fine arts majors can do (or not do, rather) for your self-esteem.

My paintings could have been mistaken for those of a 4-year old. Blind-folded. With one arm behind her back. Yep.

For our final project, we had to build a canvas stretcher. That’s hard work!

I decided that going in with a positive attitude would make all the difference in my work. There’s no way I would waste my hand-built canvas with another elementary painting.

Goodbye FML attitude.

So long: “I can’t wait until this class is over” comments.

No more negative Nancy.

It’s time for positive Polly (feel free to call me a dork, I already know).

Hello, Pleasantville!

Time for: “this is great! I can’t wait to see how my huge painting turns out.”

Maybe my painting will end up in a gallery. Okay, that last statement is pushing it. But you get the picture.

Guess what?

It worked! My positive attitude paid off, and my painting is coming along quite well. If I do say so myself.

I spent the better half of the day (6 hours) working on it. Now I can’t wait until it’s done. Not so that the class is over, but so that I can admire (and appreciate) my hard work.

Have you ever changed the outcome of a situation by changing your attitude?

I fully believe that your outlook has a direct effect on your results. Why didn’t I remind myself of this three months ago?

Better late than never, I guess!

Well I’m off to study until my brain is mush. Final number one is tomorrow!

Please bare with my craziness until next week. I foresee some late nights and overly caffeinated mornings. Wait, that’s not any different than my usual life…

I foresee some later nights and even more overly caffeinated mornings.

Stay positive!

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