Cochlear Implant Association

Cochlear Implant Association, INc. (CIAI) is a non-profit organization for cochlear implant recipients, their families, professionals, and other individuals interested in cochlear implants. CIAI provides support and information to anyone who has a cochlear implant, has a child with an implant, or is interested in information about implants. CIAI also advocates for rights and services for people with hearing loss.

CIAI Conventions

The Cochlear Implant Association International (CIAI) Convention is a biannual convention primarily intended for people who have or are considering a cochlear implant.

In lieu of a convention in 2003, CIAI will instead hold two Regional Conferences for up to 300 participants each. The first Conference will be held in the Washington, DC area in May, 2003; the second will be held in San Antonio, TX in October, 2003. For additional information, please see the convention website.

The 2001 CIAI convention was held July 13 – 16, 1999 in Minneapolis. For additional information, visit the convention website.

The 1999 CIAI convention was held July 26 – 29, 1999 in Los Angeles. 

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