Comfort Contego to be Supplied to the New Mexico State Courts in 2010

Comfort Contego to be Supplied to the New Mexico State Courts in 2010 

October 2010

Comfort Audio, technology leader within digital wireless hearing products for people with a hearing loss is pleased to announce that its United States distribution partner has been awarded a contract with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to provide Interpreting and Assisted Listening equipment for the New Mexico State Courts. The contract indicates that the distribution partner will supply the Comfort Contego(r) system to the New Mexico State Courts during 2010.

The Comfort Contego(r) sends coded radio transmission digitally over secure channels, ensuring against eavesdropping. It is a flexible, expandable system so that multiple listeners can wear receivers from a single transmitter if needed. Comfort Contego(r) is small and portable, and also features a unique microphone adjustment from the receiver for maximum wearer convenience and comfort.

Patrik Liljekvist is Sales & Marketing Director, North, Central & South America for Comfort Audio stated, “We are honored that the New Mexico State courts will be utilizing our Comfort Contego(r) product. We know that courtrooms may be crowded, noisy and reverberant, and the advantage of Comfort Contego digital FM in such situations is well documented. Comfort Contego’s secure transmission along with its extremely comfortable and easy-to-use design make it the ideal solution for listening in courtrooms.”

About Comfort Audio

Since 1994 Comfort Audio has been developing and manufacturing hearing products for people with a hearing loss. The Comfort Audio Group has own subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Germany and the US. The head office is located in Halmstad, Sweden.

Comfort Audio’s products offer great flexibility and are developed for working life, school, public places and private life. The needs of the individual are always in focus with a genuine desire to improve the quality of life for people with a hearing loss. Comfort Audio is proud to be technology leader in this line of business.

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