Dacogen (Decitabine)

Blood and Marrow Cancer Treatment with Decitabine

With over 100 types of cancer existing today, cost is the next biggest and the least discussed concern for patients diagnosed with cancer. You never know how much you have to part with towards treatment until you are in it. In truth, cancer treatment affects finances beyond draining money from your pockets. Most patients in the late stages of cancer may not even be able to resume duty to continue earning a living. It is this bad.

Myelodysplastic syndromes are a type of blood and bone marrow cancer that sounds rare but exists and whose diagnosis is on the increase. Treatment is of course available through Dacogen (Decitabine) drugs, the greatest concern however would be how fair or how expensive they are. This depends and we shall see why.

Myelodysplastic syndromes treatment

Myelodysplastic syndrome is treated using Dacogen medication. This drug inhibits the growth or spread thereof, of cancer cells in the body. It is a prescription only drug that is administered through infusion.

Dacogen is the brand name for this drug and its generic name is Decitabine. A research into most online and offline stores reveals the average price of 3vials of 50mg Dacogen brand drug as $5,500.

Consider this, a patient needs 15mg of Dacogen to be infused in his body for three in every eight hours for 3days. This process continues for 6 weeks which brings the total drug requirement of a single patient to approximately 810mg for the six weeks. This translates to an estimated total cost of $29, 700 and this is for drugs alone. Way too expensive for some people, don’t you think? The dosing could be different but figures are never too far from each other.

How about cheaper alternatives?

Firstly, it is important to know that generic versions of Dacogen do exist and this knowledge would be the first step to reducing your treatment cost significantly. Oncologists today are embracing cheaper alternatives to cancer treatment. There are Generic Dacogen drugs that have been approved by FDA towards treatment of Myelodysplastic syndromes. This means that although they are not brand, they have the same strength, dosage form, quality, and value as the brand.

Generic drugs offer a cheaper alternative for their overly expensive brand names both for insurance and out of pocket payment options.

Discuss with your Oncologist

This would be the next step to your savings on drugs. Oncologists have insight on genuine Generic Dacogen drugs which they will prescribe for you to purchase. It helps to discuss with your doctor and find out if there are any possibilities of buying genuine less expensive drugs.

Where to purchase

You can buy Dacogen online or from your local store provided you have a valid doctor’s prescription because this is a prescription-only medication. You may want to consider Cancerdrugs.supply online pharmacy for your purchases. First, you benefit from low Dacogen price and a variety of cheaper Generic Dacogen options. CancerDrugs.supply is a reputable online drug store that stocks both brand and generic drugs from only trusted suppliers. To verify the quality of the drugs you are purchasing, first try out a smaller quantity, say a month’s dose and see how well it works. Once you are sure of results, you can go ahead to order 3(about 120pills), 6, or a year’s supply. Furthermore, this store supplies drugs not only to patients but also to wholesalers therefore you are assured of lower Dacogen cost.

Decitabine Price

The price at which you will purchase your drugs varies from store to store. Again, it will depend on whether you are buying brand or generic. As indicated earlier, 3 vials of 50mg Dacogen brand averagely costs $5,500. You could spend $2,000 or less on the same for Dacogen generic drug. Generics can be cheaper by up to 90%.


How long does it take my package to reach me?

Once we receive your order at Cancerdrugs.supply, it goes through a thorough check by our pharmacists. Within 48 working hours from the time we receive your order, we will have dispatched it and sent a parcel tracking number to your email.

Can I buy Decitabine without prescription?

Unfortunately, no. Decitabine is a prescription only drug so you will be required to accompany a valid doctor’s prescription with your order.

What are the requirements for wholesale purchase?

For import, you will need a valid import license from your country alongside other permits required in your country for bulk import.

How will I be sure that the generic Decitabine drugs I purchase are genuine?

Cancerdrugs.supply only stocks drugs from genuine reputable manufacturers. However, just so that you are sure you can either ask your oncologist to recommend to you genuine Decitabine medication or buy a trial dose from us to see how well it works for you.


Because I found Dacogen brand to be quite expensive, my oncologist recommended Decitabine from India. Ordered it through Cancerdrugs.supply and was surprised at how cheap it was. The difference in price was about 80% yet the drug is as effective. I am on my 6th week of using the cheaper generic and I have not even once regretted. I am happy I discovered a cheaper effective alternative. – Carrey, Maryland

I have been on generic decitabine medication for the last three months and the improvement I have seen is remarkable. I will definitely recommend it to others. Cancer treatment doesn’t have to be expensive after all. – Marty, Auckland

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