Described and Captioned Media Program

Described and Captioned Media Program

The Described and Captioned Media Program Offers free-loan described and captioned educational media and provides a clearinghouse of information related to educational media access. Please visit them at

Captioned Media Program Provides Free Open-Captioned Movies

December 2001 – The Captioned Media Program Launches New Website

October 2006 – NAD Continues to Manage Described and Captioned Media Program

February 2007 – Here’s more information on the mission of the Described and Captioned Media Program


Captioned Media Program Provides Free Open-Captioned Movies

Editor: The Captioned Media Program is a federally funded program that provides FREE open-captioned movies to the hearing loss community. They have many different categories of videos, which you can borrow for up to a week. They send the videos through the mail, and they pay the postage both ways!!


The Captioned Media Program (CMP) is a FREE video lending program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and administered by the NAD (National Association of the Deaf.). We provide videos, which are “open-captioned,” meaning they will display the English text with any TV/VCR. No special decoder-device is necessary.

We provide captioned versions of a variety of videos, including classic movies, videos about hearing loss, biographies, arts and crafts, nutrition, educational topics, and much more!

These videos are available to all deaf or hard of hearing Americans, their parents, families, teachers, counselors, interpreters or others whose use of our collection would benefit a deaf or hard of hearing person. Our captioned videos are delivered right to your door and may be kept up to one week before being returned. We pay the postage both ways.

Our catalog has around 4,000 videos in it, touching a wide variety of topics, and is useful for people of all ages and reading levels. We have a variety of E-Z Order forms such as: Video Instruction Courses in Sign Language, Sign Language Studies, Signed Videos for Young People, Biographies in ASL, Deaf Culture and History in Sign, ASL by way of Tagalog Language – language of the Philippines and Spanish Language Videos. We have educational videos for all age groups, special-interest videos, and classic movie videos, and much, much more!!

CMP can be a terrific resource program that can provide assistive technology sources and much, much more! We provide free materials such as our brochure, registration form, attractive flyers, etc. for distribution to those who would benefit from our free open-captioned video library.

Captioned Media Program (formerly: The Captioned Films/Videos Program)
National Association of the Deaf
1447 E. Main Street
Spartanburg SC 29302
864-585-1778 ext. 207
Toll-free numbers:
(800) 237-6213 – Voice
(800) 237-6819 – TTY
(800) 538-5636 – FAX


Captioned Media Program Launches New Website

December 2001

Editor: Regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of the Captioned Media Program (CMP). They’ll send you captioned videotapes on virtually any topic you can think of. It’s FREE and they pay the postage both ways! They’ve just unveiled their new and improved website. Check it out at Here are portions of their press release.


Our CMP Web site has a new look and exciting new features! You can now book media and receive confirmation online! You can learn about new CMP titles by one click on our home page! There is a new Spanish-language section of the site! And more! Read below.

–Catalog Features. You can now browse by topic area (new) or use improved keyword search capabilities.

–Ordering Features. You can view a calendar, book materials yourself, and receive instant confirmation online.

–“New Titles.” You can click on “New Titles” on our home page and see the ten most recently added titles. Also, when you “Browse the Catalog,” you may learn about the fifty most recently added titles with a simple click.

–“Have You Seen.” Our home page will show you different titles each time you visit, as a reminder of what we have to offer.

–Spanish-language Pages. A first! As you visit our home page, note at the very top: “CMP En Español.” Web pages in Spanish language, a mini-catalog, information regarding registration and ordering are presented.

–“Media Room.” This section of our site is to help our advertisers. But you may want to look at our TV public service announcements or use our ads to tell friends, teachers, and others about the CMP.

–And more! Contact us and tell us what you think about our new site!