Drugs that Cure Hearing Loss


Several efforts are underway to develop drugs that can prevent or treat various types of hearing loss. We’ve been following some of these efforts rather closely and will continue to bring you news of these efforts as it becomes available.

  • American BioHealth
  • Auris Medical
  • Sound Pharmaceuticals

Here are additional stories about drugs that may cure or prevent hearing loss:

March 2007 – Anti-epileptic drugs may help prevent and treat noise-induced hearing loss

March 2007 – Genetic hearing loss may be reversible without gene therapy

April 2007 – Antioxidants: An Antidote for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

June 2007 – Evidence lacking to guide treatment for sudden hearing loss

September 2007 – Quark Pharmaceuticals developing drug to prevent hearing loss

October 2007 – Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) Releases Hearing Health Supplement to Address Multiple Conditions

Mar 2008 – Hearing Pill to Undergo More Clinical Trials

June 2008 – Chemical Combo May Prevent Hearing Loss

April 2009 – Advances in Otoprotective Drugs

July 2009 – Implanted Pump May Assist Hearing Loss Treatment

July 2009 – Drug Shrinks NF2 Tumors

September 2009 – Cancer Drug Shrinks Benign Tumors That Steal Hearing

January 2010 – Take Two Pills and Hear Me in the Morning

May 2010 – Otonomy Demonstrates Sustained Release Drug Delivery to Inner Ear

June 2010 – New device delivers drugs directly to inner ear

July 2010 – Study uncovers potential drug treatment for noise-induced hearing loss

Sept 2010 – Breakthrough Towards Drug for Hearing Loss

December 2010 – Topical Gel Shows Potential As Hearing Loss Treatment

February 2011 – Otonomy’s OTO-104 Demonstrates Hearing Loss Protection and Hearing Recovery in Preclinical Studies

April 2011 – Positive Results in Phase 1b Study Drug to Treat Meniere’s Disease

June 2011 – Companies Work to Develop Potential Treatments for Hearing Loss

September 2011 – Otonomy Study Shows Promise in Treatment of Meniere’s Disease

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