Firmagon (degarelix)

Degarelix, a Workable Remedy for Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

It is one thing to know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men next to skin cancer, and it is quite another to be part of this statistic. Again, it may be encouraging to learn that this cancer is treatable especially when diagnosed early enough. More than 2 million men in the US have been diagnosed with prostate cancer but had it treated successfully. Others have managed to contain it through hormone therapy and prevented its spread and effects on the body.

Treatment Options

There are many ways of treating this cancer but today we focus on one, hormone therapy. Treatment options depend on various factors, among them cancer stage and whether treatment is intended to manage or to cure the cancer.

Degarelix (Firmagon) is a drug approved by FDA towards treatment of advanced prostate cancer through hormone therapy.

This medication comes in powder form to be diluted into liquid and injected into the body through the abdomen. It works by slowing down the production of testosterone. The prostate cells need testosterone to grow hence reducing the production of testosterone subsequently slows or altogether stops the spread of cancerous prostate cells.

Ready for treatment? Here is some insight into Degarelix Cost

Rather than just mentioning the price of a single degarelix dose, let’s approach this from a comprehensive perspective.

Usually, degarelix dose is divided into two parts, the starting dose, and subsequent doses. The first dose is 240mg given as two injections 120mg each. Thereafter, 80mg maintenance dose follows after every 28 days. On average, the cost of the starter dose is pounds260 while each subsequent dose will go for pounds 130. The manufacturer’s estimate of roughly six years totals to pounds 12,300. Of course, price varies.

Cheaper options for your consideration

You may be lucky to have coupons or discounts, as these will ease your budget slightly.

On the other hand, frimagon generics drugs are available at up to 90% cheaper price and they are as effective as the brand drug. Countries like India usually have cheaper and genuine generics so you can count on them. stocks generic frimagon drugs both for individual and wholesale purchase.

Where to buy Firmagon online

Many reputable pharmacies online sell frimagon. However, this is a prescription only drug and therefore your order must be accompanied by a valid doctor’s prescription.

You may want to consider online pharmacy for your purchases. First, you benefit from low frimagon price and a variety of cheaper generic frimagon options. is a reputable online drug store that stocks both brand and generic drugs from only trusted suppliers. To verify the quality of the drugs you are purchasing, you are welcome to first try out a single dose and see how well it works. Once you are sure of results, you can order 3, 6, or 12 months’ supply.

The goodness with prostate cancer drugs is that you can always switch from one to another without necessarily starting treatment afresh. Your oncologist will recommend an alternative if what you are using doesn’t go well with you.

Furthermore, this store supplies drugs not only to patients but also to wholesalers therefore you are assured of lower Firmagon cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you will not be the one administering it, it is always good to have information. Degarelix drug comes in powder form. It should be mixed with liquid and the injected in the area of your abdomen. This is usually done during your clinic appointment.

“What if I forget my appointment and hence my dose?”

Inform your oncologist right away. If you have missed your appointment by a few days, he might opt to give you a dose and then adjust subsequent appointments.

“Any foods I should avoid while on Degarelix medication?”

Degarelix is taken with your normal diet unless your oncologist recommends otherwise.

Customer Reviews

I switched to Degarelix after I realized that Lupron wasn’t doing much to reduce my PSA level. The immediate injection pain for the first three days was bearable considering my PSA drastically dropped from 98 to below 10. It’s incredible; I wish I had discovered Degarelix earlier.

Martinez Santo, Mexico

I had an issue with my previous medication. After administration, I was literally down for days not being able to do anything. I was always too tired and moody to do anything. In fact, I always had to take bed rest and this affected my life. With Frimagon, things are quite different. I can live a normal life. Again, I opted for the generic because the cost of frimagon brand was way beyond my wallet. I’m glad it’s working just fine.

Marcus, Massachusetts

I have stage 4 prostate cancer and I have been on Frimagon for the past 8 months. Apart from low libido (and this is awful!) my PSA has reduced greatly. Thanks to I was able to buy genuine generic version of the drug much cheaply.

Roy, London

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