What is Glucophage XR?

Glucophage XR was formulated with potent ingredients to reverse the harmful effect of diabetes on its victims. Since diabetes is a medical condition that develops as a result of excess sugar in the blood, it is the responsibility of this Glucophage to assist the body in regulating the amount of sugar contained in the human blood. Glucophage generic is popularly known as Metformin and is sometimes referred to simply as Glucophage.

Glucophage Dosage

It is an undeniable truth that using a drug according to the specified dosage is the only way to get the best benefit from the drug. You need to pay close attention to the instructions of your doctor if he prescribes this effective drug for you. Otherwise, it is advisable to stick to the instruction on the instruction label of the drug. That is the best way to use Glucophage tablets for fast relieve from the symptoms of diabetes.The initial Glucophage dose is 500mg to be taken twice daily. On the other hand, the doctor may recommend taking 850mg of Glucophage once daily for the greatest effect on the patient. If there is any need for an increment in the Glucophage dose, it should be increased 500mg weekly or 850mg increment should be made every two weeks. Whatever the decision of the doctor is, the maximum daily dosage is 2550mg for adults and 2000mg for others between the ages of 10 and 16. Don’t use below or above this recommended dosage as that may have an adverse effect on your health.

Glucophage Price

Despite the reputation of the drug to effectively control the effect of diabetes, it is an inexpensive drug that is available for a couple of dollars. Although the price of the drug varies from store to store, you can buy it at the affordable price between $4 and $6.The online stores selling Glucophage XR use their discretion to fix their prices.

Where to buy the drug

Online stores and local stores are the two places you can buy Glucophage tablets. The pharmacy next door may have abundant of Glucophage pills for sale but you need to exercise somecaution. The proliferation of adulterated drugs and the potential negative effects on the user should be a good reason to consider getting your health products from online stores who have a lot at stake. To maintain their good reputation, they are into certified drug, that definitely guarantees the safety of the users. To buy Glucophage XR online, visit onlinepharmacy. This will prove to be the best the online store you can buy Glucophage XR without hitches.

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