Governments and people with hearing loss

Governments at all levels are involved in providing support to persons with hearing loss. Most significant in the United States is the Federal Government, which has established numerous laws and agencies to ensure that people with hearing loss are as fully included in American society as possible.

State and Local governments are also involved in the lives of people with hearing loss. Like the Federal Government, they have established laws and agencies that affect the lives of HOH/LD people. These state and local agencies often have a more immediate impact on people’s lives, because they are more closely involved with everyday issues. The goals and effectiveness of the various state and local laws vary enormously.

In other countries, the governmental influence on the lives of persons with hearing loss also displays significant diversity. Among the most enlightened are the Scandinavian countries, with Sweden being particularly aggressive in providing services. Many other countries, including even some of the “modern” European countries, are dismally far behind in assuring appropriate treatment of HOH/LD persons.

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