Hearing Aid Tax Credit

Hearing Aid Tax Credit

One idea for reducing the effective cost of hearing aids is a tax credit on Federal income taxes. This proposal has been made several times, but has never been close to being passed by Congress. Now it seems that support for the idea is growing!

September 2012 – HIA, HLAA, and AGBell Host Hearing Aid Tax Credit

January 2010 – Hearing Aid Tax Credit Attracts Record 113th Cosponsor

May 2009 – Sen Harkin Reintroduces Hearing Aid Tax Credit, Expands Coverage

May 2009 – More Support for Hearing Aid Tax Credit

April 2008 – BHI Launches Hearing Aid Tax Credit Website

May 2006 – Hearing Aid Tax Credit Update

November 2005 – Here’s a great article on strategies for enacting a hearing aid tax credit. This article by Joan Cassidy is a report on a presentation at the 2005 SHHH National Convention.

October 2005 – The Tax Credit for Hearing Aids idea is back in the news. Here’s Stephen Frazier with some good reasons why this bill should be passed!

May 2004 – Remember the idea about providing tax credits for hearing aids? Well, here’s an update on that proposal.

February 2004 – Here’s an update from SHHH on the tax credit proposal.

October 2003 – Here’s one idea for a tax credit for hearing aid purchase.

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Hearing Aid Tax Credit Update

May 2006

Editor: Regular readers know that the vast majority of people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t have them, and that one of the main reasons is their expense. One possible remedy is a tax credit for hearing aid purchases. Here’s the latest on that initiative from the Hearing Industries Association.


Alexandria, Va. (May 11, 2006) The Hearing Industries Association (HIA) has joined with eight other national organizations to make hearing an issue of national concern during May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

On May 18th, members of the Congressional Hearing Health Caucus will host an Issues Forum with Representatives Ryun, Walsh, McCarthy and Capps to discuss the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act (H.R. 414/S. 1060) and the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act (H.R. 5250). The Dear Colleague letter, signed by the four representatives previously listed, was issued to all members of Congress yesterday.

HIA continues to push passage of the hearing aid tax credit legislation aggressively. Hearing loss is one of the few medical conditions for which there is little financial assistance available, despite the documented benefits of amplification for people with hearing losses. Earlier this year, the Better Hearing Institute issued a study confirming that there are economic, as well as psychosocial benefits of hearing aid use as people with hearing losses who use hearing aids earn, on average, $12,000 more in income annually than non-users.

HIA is urging all hearing aid tax credit supporters to contact their Congressional Representative or Senators and ask them to support and co-sponsor H.R. 414/S. 1060. To find out if your Representative or Senators are co-sponsors already, please visit http://www.hearing.org/public.

HIA, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, is the national trade association of manufacturers of hearing aids, implantable hearing devices, assistive listening devices, component parts and power sources for amplification devices.