Latisse (bimatoprost)

Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is a solution that is administered to the eyes to treat Hypotrichosis of eyelashes. The medicine increases the growth of eyelashes including the length, thickness, as well as darkness. You can easily buy cheap latisse online at high discounts and cheap prices from online pharmacy stores. To know more on buy Latisse you can check Latisse reviews mentioned below.

Application Instructions for Latisse (Bimatoprost):

Before you buy generic and start using Latisse, it is highly recommended to know how to use it. Before using generic, clean your face, make up and remove the contact lenses. Once a night, place a single drop of Latisse on the sterile disposable applicator that comes with the package. Start applying the Latisse along the skin of upper eyelid margin at the base of eyelashes. When you are done with application, you will feel lightly moist with no run off on the lash area of upper eyelid. If you find or feel any excess runoff solution, wipe and blot is carefully with the tissue or any other absorbent cloth. You are suggested to dispose of the used latisse applicator after single use. In fact, use a new applicator for the opposite eyelid. A sterile applicator must be used for every time and do never reuse any applicator to apply Latisse.

Using the Latisse generic solution regularly will give you the full benefits. Use it regularly and in the same amount as advised. Over dosage will not make it work faster anyways. It might take somewhere about 2 months before the full benefits start appearing. Once you stop using Latisse generic, you can expect the appearance of the eyelashes to get back to their origin and there also possibilities that the two sets of eyelashes won’t look same at all. There can be differences in the size, growth and thickness. If you feel any of them, consult the doctor and discuss.

Precautions while using Latisse (Bimatoprost)

Here are some of the warning and precaution before you buy latisse and start using cheap latisse generic:

In Iris Pigmentation:

Many times it has been reported that usage of Latisse (Bimatoprost) causes Iris pigmentation. Patients are advised to know about the potential of increased pigmentation which most of the times occurs permanently.

The pigmentation usually occurs due to an increase of Melanin content rather than the increase in the number of melanocytes themselves. The long term effects of this increased pigmentation are not known and often remain unnoticed or detected for months to years. The iris gradually becomes more brownish and starts concentrically from around the pupil to the periphery. However, the cheap latisse cost can be continued to usage even after increased pigmentation level.

Intraocular Pressure effects

Latisse solution if instilled directly into the eyes of patients that are suffering from elevated IOP lowers the intraocular pressure. However the magnitude of lowered IOP is not a cause of clinical concerns.

For the intraocular patients, studies have proved that if Latisse solution is administered more than once a day, then it decreases the intraocular pressure within eyes which lowers the effect. That’s why such patients are suggested to use the medicine only after doctor’s consultation and they should be analyzed regularly for the changes.

In case you are allergic to Latisse (Bimatoprost):

If you are allergic to Latisse generic, latanoprost or any similar drugs then do inform your doctor about the same. The medicine contains certain chemical component that can cause allergy or any other problem including the discoloration of lenses. Talk to your doctor in details about the same.

Discuss your medical history with your doctor especially if you have earlier faced problem in eyes such as glaucoma. Even while using Latisse generic solution you develop new eye problems, pressure, or anything tingling then discuss with your optometrist or the doctor.

During Pregnancy and Nursing:

The Latisse solution must be used only when it is needed and approved by the doctor themselves. You are supposed to buy Latisse only when you have discussed the risks and benefits in details. Since it is not known whether the drug passes into the breast milk, you can ask your doctor for safety purpose.

If inhaled accidently:

If the Latisse (Bimatoprost) solution gets into the eyes, do not rinse as it does not harms the eyes. However, you should always avoid contamination of the bottle, avoid touching the dropper and keep the cap of the bottle tightly closed.

Side effects of Latisse (Bimatoprost):

Some of the side effects of using Latisse may include:

• Eye redness, Discomfort, Itching, Dryness, Eyelid redness etc. If you suffer from any of them, tell it to your doctor or pharmacists.

• It might be possible that usage of Latisse solution can trigger the growth of hairs in other areas of skin where it comes in contact regularly. That’s why make sure you wipe up any extra medicine after the application.

• The solution sometimes may cause darkening of skin, eyelid changes around the eyelash base. Once you stop using it, the darkening will go away in weeks or months. However, as discussed the iris pigmentation may be permanent.

• If you are facing unlikely side effects like infection, discharge, swelling, loss of vision then discontinue the usage and consult the doctor.

Interactions of Latisse (Bimatoprost) with other medicines

Your doctor might be aware of all the interaction and reactions that medicine can have with other drugs. If you are currently on some prescription already, then inform the doctor. You can keep a list of your current medication with yourself and show it to your optometrist.

Questions and Answers

What if I have overdose of latisse ?

The medicine tends to be harmful is swallowed and in case you suspect swallowing or inhalation or overdose, then contact emergency medical help.

Where can I buy generic latisse? Can I share my medicine with others?

Do not share Latisse generic with others. You can buy Latisse generic online at cheap prices from various online pharmacy stores. You can order Latisse generic online and the solution will be delivered to your home. The best part is they offer highly discounted cheapest prices as compared to offline stores.

What are the complications if I miss any dose of Latisse generic?

In case you have missed a dose of Latisse, there is nothing to panic about. You can resume your regular dosing schedule from next time onwards. There is no need to get overdose or double dose in order to catch up.

How should I store the Latisse?

The Latisse solution must be stored at room temperature away from moisture or light exposure. Keep away from children, pets and do not try to store it in bathroom. You are advised not to flush the medicine anywhere and discard properly in case it has expired or not needed.


Stacy, Los Angeles:

Hi… I started using Latisse and buy generic from online pharmacy. The medicine worked like magic to my eye lashes and within 2 months I got longer and denser eye lashes. There were no side effects and the doctor had advised me to use it once every night. Highly recommended!

Brenda, Europe

Have been using Latisse for several months and the medicine works great for eye lashes. Though I noticed little darkening near eyes yet the results of fuller and longer eye lashes is appreciable. I have been ordering refills through European Pharmacy for months and never faced any difficulty while using till now. I didn’t even faced itching or irritation in my eyes.

Grace, Canada

Though I started using this medicine 7 weeks and witnesses beautiful fuller eye lashes within 2 weeks. I was happy but then not lucky enough to continue its usage. Little itching in my eyes and may be my negligence in dosage cause allergy within eyes, swelling problem and pressure. I had to consult an optometrist who suggested me to stop using it. However, one of my friends also ordered online through Canada pharmacy and never faced such consequences. She has got denser and lengthier eye lashes that are noticeable.


Ordered a refill of generic latisse online from French pharmacy few weeks back. I was irregular in applying the medicine yet there were little effects on eyelashes. Recently I have started to administer it regularly and very satisfied with the results. It is easy to apply, cost very less, available on online pharmacy and comes with great discounted prices and latisse coupons online. I would recommend them for all who love to look younger.

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