What is Levothroid?

Levothroid is a health supplement that is manufactured specifically to reverse the effects of thyroid hormone deficiency in a victim. In the cases of an insufficient hormone, it stimulates the production of more thyroid hormone to supplement the existing one, while it produces the hormone where it is non-existing. In either case, the use of Levothroid will be a welcome development for the patients of an insufficient hormone. The importance of Levothroid is underscored by the different health conditions that can result from insufficient thyroid hormone. Some side effects are hair loss, hypothyroidism, dry thick skin, weight gain, and slow speech.The generic name of Levothroid is Levothyroxine and is known by some other names such as Levoxyl,Unityhroid, and Synthroid.

Levothroid uses

Levothroid has a couple of uses which are:

  • Treating underactive thyroid.
  • Produces more thyroid hormone.
  • It can also be used to treat some thyroid disorders such as thyroid cancer and goiters.
  • Levothorid should not be used to weight loss.

Levothroid Dosage

Using the drug should be through prescription by a doctor or according to the instructions on the label. However, for the sake of clarity, you should take the drug orally. This should be done once in a day before eating, at least between 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast. If there are no directions from your doctor to do otherwise, it is healthy to take the drug with a lot of water.The capsule should not be chewed or crushed, it should be swallowed whole. If you are using it for a child that cannot swallow it whole, break it into two and mix half of it with water for drinking immediately. Don’t mix the drug for future use.

Levothroid Price

Online stores selling this drug do not have a common price for it. They all sell the product using their discretion. It is not uncommon, then, to find out the price varies from one store to another.Another factor that determines the price is the type of the product that you want to buy. Nevertheless, the drug goes for between $12.08 and $14. With a coupon, you can get the product for as low as $11.

How to Get the Drug

Getting Levothroid is not difficult. You can get it through your local drug store, or visit a trustworthy online store. The latter option is better because it immunes you to exposure to sub-standard health products that will do more harm than good to your health.That leaves you with the question of which online store you should patronize. You shouldn’t worry; we already have that covered for you. While the Internet is full of different online shops, you can visit online store. This online store has many effective health products for sale, including Levothroid that is sold as Synthroid.


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I had some problems with my thyroid gland. My doctor told me it could be serious, so I should have started taking medicine to prevent possible disease. He gave me a list of possible drugs; he told me I could choose any for a therapy. My choice was Synthroid, and there’s no regret. My thyroid gland is absolutely ok now, thanks!Anna G,Synthroid has relieved most of my hypothyroidism symptoms. I seem to have much more energy during the day and I’m feeling better overall.

Grayson T,

I’ve been taking Synthroid for almost half a year now to treat hypothyroidism. More than a year ago I had a surgery that resulted in thyroid removal so now I have to keep my hormone level with the help of medications. And Synthroid is the best solution that I have tried out.These reviews are enough to give you a glimpse of what the online store has to offer you. You won’t be wrong using this store.