Low Frequency Smoke Alarms

The Darrow Company

The Darrow Company offers one specific product for one specific need:  A smoke alarm that makes a Low Frequency that people with high frequency loss can hear.

With so many Americans suffering High Frequency Hearing loss it’s no wonder Dear Abby (http://loudenlow.com/lnl/abby.html ) published a national article in 2001 urging someone to make a better smoke alarm. 

– Free shipping. 

– 30 day return policy.

– Battery powered. 

– No wiring. 

– Alerts near “middle C”

– Large, 6 inch speaker and 9 watt amplifier provide plenty of power.

– Meets all NRC regs and NFPA National Fire Alarm Code [72,6-3] sound levels.

Please visit our website at www.loudenlow.com for ordering information.  

If your computer has speakers you can listen to our alarm at http://loudenlow.com/lnl/hear.html 

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