Mozobil (Plerixafor)®

Mozobil (Plerixafor)®, Recommended for Cancer Treatment Autologous Transplant

Mozobil is prescribed for cancer treatment. It is prescribed if you are diagnosed with MM (Multiple Myeloma) or NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and are anticipated to undergo eventually a transplant of autologous stem cell. The stem cells transplant is done by your own cells and so your transplant team must collect them prior to receiving the cancer treatment. Mozobil helps in releasing from the bone marrow the stem cells into the bloodstream such that they are collected for transplant. In fact, this infusion of collected stem cells assists rebounding of your blood counts after receiving chemotherapy in high dose with or without radiation.

How it is treated

Mozobil is approved by the Food and Drug Administration United States to be used in association with another agent, (G-CSF) granulocyte-colony stimulating factor. The generic medicine for Mozobil is Plerixafor. Mozobil or generic Mozobil, Plerixafor is given to mobilize the stem cells for collection into the peripheral blood and subsequent transplantation is done in patients.

Mozobil or Mozobil generic, Plerixafor is a drug given in combination with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). This helps to increase the hematopoietic stem cells within the blood.

How it works

Mozobil generic, Plerixafor or Mozobil, in combination with G-CSF, liberates from the bone marrow the hematopoietic stem cells into the bloodstream. This is done by disrupting a bond that keeps normally the stem cells anchored to the bone marrow. Thus, your healthcare team during apheresis can collect more stem cells.

Normally, these stem cells exist in the very low levels in the bloodstream, as they stay in the bone marrow. However, Mozobil is given in combination with G-CSF so that the stem cells increases in the blood, thereby preventing them from staying within the bone marrow space anchored.


Clinical studies demonstrate that using generic Mozobil, Plerixafor or Mozobil with G-CSF, offers several benefits in comparison to using the G-CSF alone for the stem cells mobilization in patients diagnosed with NHL or MM.

The Plerixafor, generic Mozobil helps in proceeding to autologous transplant and mostly all MM and NHL patients receive the mobilized cells through Mozobil or Mozobil generic, Plerixafor in association with G-CSF so that successful stem cells re-growth is assured.

Mozobil Dosing, Strength, and Administration

Mozobil or generic Mozobil, Plerixafor is an injection to be administered under your skin. This injection is a subcutaneous injection. Mozobil or Mozobil generic, Plerixafor is administered 11 hours before each apheresis session, for a total of 4 days. Apart from receiving Mozobil or Plerixafor, Mozobil generic, G-CSF also will be received for 4 days before starting Mozobil and with apheresis each morning.

Mozobil or Plerixafor injection is given as a 20 mg/mL

Where to buy Zoladex

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Mozobil price is high being original, but you can opt for the cheaper version, Plerixafor, the Mozobil generic. The generic version, Plerixafor is 90% less as per the prices available outside in the local stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What happens if I miss a dose?”

You may not miss a dose as you receive Mozobil or generic Mozobil, Plerixafor in a clinical setting.

“What happens if I overdose?”

Consider emergency medical attention or call assistance of Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222.

“What should I Follow?”

Follow restrictions on beverages, food or activity as per your doctor’s instructions while you are receiving Mozobil or Plerixafor, Mozobil generic.

The storage should be at room temperature (25°C) / (77°F).

Customer Reviews

Rightly worked with minimal side effects. There is the pain in the body at sometimes.


Been on Plerixafor, feel better with each injection. Treatment sessions demanded to rest most time, hopefully, will soon get over


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