Mustargen (Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride)®

Mustargen (Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride) ® -The Hodgkin’s Disease Palliative Treatment

Cancerous tumors are depicted by cell division and it cannot be controlled as any other normal tissue. Generally, normal cells stop dividing on coming into contact with similar cells that is referred to as contact inhibition. Generally, the cell division process is done through cell cycle that goes through active growing phases from the resting phase. But, once the cells are cancer affected, it indicates Hodgkin’s disease that represents Stages III and IV, chronic myelocytic,lymphosarcoma, mycosis, fungoides, polycythemia Vera and bronchogenic carcinoma.

How it is treated?

Mustargen is antineoplastic nitrogen mustard referred to as HN2 hydrochloride. It is in light yellow brown color, in crystalline form. Mustragen or Mustragen generic, Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride, is a hygroscopic powder that is soluble in alcohol and water. Mustargen is a crystalline powder used for injection.

Clinical Pharmacology?

Mustargen or generic Mustargen, Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride, is a biologic alkylating agent. It inhibits in proliferating cells rapidly. Mustargen generic, Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride or Mustargen undergoes chemical transformation rapidly in combination with reactive compounds or cells or water so that the drug is not in active form even within few minutes of administration.

How it works?

Chemotherapy kills the cancer cells depends on the cell division ability to halt. If the cells do not divide, it dies, but if they divide faster, chemotherapy kills, causing the tumor to shrink. Chemotherapy drugs affect the dividing cells, but the problems are that chemotherapy does not know the normal and cancerous cells difference. The normal cells are affected in the chemotherapy process and so there is a low blood count.

Thus, Mustargen or generic Mustargen, Mechlorethamine Hydrochloride, is an alkylating agent. These agents are active in the cells resting phase and are the drugs that are cell cycle non-specific.

Mustargen Dosing, Strength, and Administration

Mechlorethamine hydrochloride, the generic Mustargen or Mustargen original has the molecular weight as 192.52 and 108-111°C is the melting point. The empirical and structural formula is C5H11Cl2N•HCl and CH3N (CH2CH2Cl)2•HCl.

Mustragen or Mustragen generic, Mechlorethamine hydrochloride each vial has 10 mg triturated with 100 mg sodium chloride. It is dissolved with Sterile water 10 mL for injection or with Sodium Chloride 0.9% injection, wherein the resulting solution shows a 3-5 pH at a 1mg mechlorethamine concentration HCl per mL. Dosage is given based on dry body weight.

Where to buy Mustargen?

Mechlorethamine hydrochloride, the Mustragengenericor Mustargen can be purchased with a prescription. You can buy Mustragen online from, the drug online suppliers.

Mustargen price is high as it is the original medication and so buying from, the generic Mustargen, Mechlorethamine hydrochloride is recommended as it is of a lesser prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Mustragen be supplied?

Mustragen trituration will be in crystalline power, light yellow brown. Each vial is in 10 mg Mustargen with 100 mg sodium chloride. It will be supplied as 4 vials for treatment sets.

Are there some storage regulations?

Storage should be strictly controlled at 15-30°C (59-86°F) room temperatures. It must be protected from light and humidity. The mechlorethamine HCl solutions immediately decompose on standing, so there is a need for the solutions of the drug to be prepared just before use and it must be used immediately.

What happens if I miss a dose?

There is rare chance to miss a dose as you will be in the hospital and will be taken right care of dosage.

What happens if I overdose?

The only treatment in overdosage is repeated blood product transfusions, general supportive measures and antibiotic treatment of complicating infections.

In how much time I will receive the package?

Placing an order at ensures the dispatch will be done in 48 working hours from the order placed time. Track using the tracking number received in your email.

Customer Reviews

This was Mechlorethamine hydrochloride, bought first as the original brand was not available. This was available cheaper as the generic drug. There were dizziness and fatigue as the side effects, but otherwise not much of a problem.

Mark Jackson

The generic was alone available and thankfully at much lesser price. Naturally, it was regarded the best and doctor also gave the consent that it would work fine.



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