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Every year, two out of six Americans may be diagnosed with some forms of cancer, during their lifetime. However, if you have been through this before, you will know that the shock and anxiety, when diagnosed with cancer is usually accompanied by scary thought of the cost of cancer medications. A large number of patients may not be able to cope with the drug bill. However, a lot of prominent cancer doctors in America, have spoken about this, but still, nothing has been done to reduce the cost cancer drugs. However, instead of a reduction, what we see is an increase in drug price.

The availability of low cost alternative would be a step towards the right direction. It means an improvement in survival rate, and many other benefits to both the health care sector and patients. People would no longer be scared to go for checkup, and even when they are diagnosed with cancer, there would be no reason to fret because of the cost of their treatment, since they can get a low cost alternative. The question now is can patients really get low cost cancer drugs? If yes, are they truly as effective as the high-cost brand type? We will find out about this shortly.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma

First, what is basal cell carcinoma? This condition can be referred to as cancer of the skin. It starts from the basal cells. These cells are located inside the skin, and it is responsible for creating new skin cells. Odomzo (Sonidegib) is a prescription-only medication, approved by the FDA for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma. Patients normally receive this drug, after unsuccessful use of surgery or radiation for the treatment of the condition.

Availability of a Low Cost Treatment Option

The availability of a generic version of Odomzo will be a big plus to both cancer patients and the health sector in general. However, there is a generic alternative. Odomzo refers to the brand form of this medication while Sonidegib is the generic name. Both the generic and the brand version of this medication, have the same composition, potency, and quality.

According to the laid down principles of the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), before any generic drug will get full approval, the manufacturer most prove that the drug is exactly the same (bioequivalent) as the brand form. It must also have the same dosage, strength, active ingredient, and other things that the brand form has.

Both the brand form and generic version are the same. The only difference is the Odomzo price.

How much does Odomzo cost?

This is what everybody wants to know. Although drug stores may sell this medication at different prices, but the differences are not too high. Odomzo cost for a month is over $12,000. However, treatment will continue until the disease gets to an unacceptable toxicity level. Not everyone can afford this. Some might even discontinue their treatment because of high cost of their medication.

The Generic Odomzo is very cheap. You can save up to 90% for this medication. In the search for low cost medications, most doctors recommend genuine India Generic drugs to their patients.

Discuss with your Oncologist

It is very beneficial when you discuss with your Oncologist about your choice of low cost drugs. You will be marveled at the genuine drug suggestions you may get from your doctor.

Frequent Asked Question

“Where can I buy Odomzo online?”

You can buy Odomzo online from any trusted online pharmacy. The CancerDrugs.supply online pharmacy is a reputable drug store that supplies low cost and genuine cancer drugs.

“How can I order drugs from the CancerDrugs.supply online pharmacy?”

All that is required is to login if you have already registered or register a fresh account for new customers. Once you have registered, login, fill out a simple form you will find on the site and attach a valid prescription from your doctor. In addition, wholesale buyers are also required to attach a valid bulk import license, after filling out the form.

“Is Sonidegib really, as effective as the brand form?”

Yes. To confirm this, you can order for as low as a month’s supply. Once you have confirmed the quality of this drug, you can increase your order to 3 month’s supply (120 pills), 6 months, or even 1 year.

“When will my product get to me?”

You will get your parcel tracking number within 48 hours once we confirm all the information you provided to us.

Customer Review

The CancerDrugs.supply is amazing. My order was delivered at the stipulated time. I am glad I found this site.

Anne, Colorado

The drug works well, ordering my second round now.

Linda, NY


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