Oncaspar (Pegaspargase)

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment with Pegaspargase (Oncaspar)®

With a lot of cancer drugs in the market today, the possibility of cancer patients surviving from their diseases has improved tremendously. In the past, what we experienced was unavailability of drugs, or drugs that were not too effective. This was a major concern to the government and many health institutions and today, the result is different. People can have access to effective drugs, no matter the form of cancer they have.

However, drugs are available but the major challenge is the money to buy them. Patients might even spend up to $10,000 on only drugs. This is even worst for patients without an insurance cover or strong financial assistance and it explains why most patients give up their treatment too soon. For people suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the case is still the same. This disease has claimed so many lives in the past, but with research and the provision of more drug options, the survival rate has improved tremendously. Another factor that has made the survival rate of people suffering from this disease to improve is the availability of low cost cancer drugs. These cheaper cancer drugs are beneficial to patients because they are just like the brand type. In terms of strength, quality, efficacy, and use, they are both equal.

Generic Oncaspar Availability (pegaspargase)

Before any generic drug can be approved by the FDA, that drug must meet the same standard that was marked for the brand alternative of that same drug. Among many criteria, the Generic drug must have the same quality, strength, purity, as well as potency. Oncaspar (Pegaspargase)was approved by the FDA, on the month of July 24, 2006 for the first-line treatment of people who are suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The drug was made by Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Oncaspar refers to the brand name while Pegaspargase is the Generic form. Many Oncologists have discovered India Generic drugs, most especially for cancer treatment, to be very beneficial to patients. This is because both the brand and the generic form produce the same effects and still, the Oncaspar Generic drug form is less expensive. In fact, patients can even save up to 90% when they go for genuine generic products.

Oncaspar price

The price of this medication is the next thing that comes up in the minds of patients diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. However, Oncaspar price depends on whether you are buying online or from a local pharmacy store. Most people prefer to buy drugs online, because it is cheaper, and more convenient.

Where to buy low cost cancer drugs online (pegaspargase)

There are many drug stores to buy drugs online, but patients should be careful not to patronize fraudsters. In order to avoid counterfeit drugs, buy drugs only from a trusted online pharmacy. The first step in making sure that your drug works well, is buying genuine generic brands. This brings us to why it is necessary for patients to consult their Oncologists before proceeding with their generic drug order. Discuss with your doctor about your choice to use low cost generic cancer drugs. Your doctor will direct you on genuine generic drugs to buy.

You can get good quality drugs from the CancerDrugs.supply online pharmacy. Apart from good quality, you can also have low cost drugs from this site, which is in line with the India Generic price of cancer drugs.

CancerDrugs.Supply drug request

Both patients and wholesale buyers are required to fill out a simple form after logging into their accounts. New users have to create a new account. After filling out the form to order drugs, patients are required to provide a valid import license along with their form. For wholesale buyers, the requirement is to provide a valid bulk import license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order for just a month’s supply of Oncaspar for a start?

Yes. You can place order for a month’s dose, if you want to confirm the quality of the drug. Once you have confirmed that, you can increase to order to 3 month’s supply, (120 pills), 6 months supply, and so on.

How long does it take the drugs to reach me?

Our pharmacist will go through all the information you provided on our site as requested. After confirmation, we will send your parcel tracking information to you within 48 hours.

How much does Oncaspar cost?

Oncaspar cost about $6,000 for a month’s dose. However, there might be some slight variation in price, across different drug stores.

How is Oncaspar given?

The drug is administered through an injection in a vein.

What are the severe Oncaspar side effects?

All drugs can cause side effects, however, if you experience severe side effects such as vomiting, nausea, confusion, swelling in both legs or nausea, call your doctor.

Customer Review

I ordered for Oncaspar Generic from the CancerDrugs.Supply, 3 months ago. I must say the drug is awesome. I have been on the brand type for quite some time now and both the brand and the generic form, seems to produce the same effect. In addition,my condition has improved tremendously.



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