Revlimid or Lenalidomide is a chemotherapy or cancer drug, which targets specific proteins within the cancer cells and stops these cells from growing. It is a drug widely used for the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and some myelodysplastic syndromes, which can cause severe anemia. For people suffering from myeloma, Revlimid helps by slowing the disease while lengthening the lifespan of the individual. It is a derivative of Thalidomide, which is a sedative drug that makes a wave in the 1950s for treating morning sickness. The drug is manufactured by Celgene Limited and introduced into the health industry in 2004.

What is Revlimid?

Revlimid, also known as lenalidomide is a condition that affects the immune system of the body. It supports the responses of the immune system, which help slow down the growth of the tumor. Furthermore, those experiencing bone marrow cancer also known as multiple myeloma, Revlimid is used in treating it. This can be used in combination with after stem cell transplant or other medicine.

Besides being used for treating multiple myeloma, it is also used in treating anemia especially in patients suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome, which is the result of an abnormal chromosome. This particular disorder is also referred to deletion 5q MDS since part of chromosome 5 is missing. One thing you will experience with people having this disorder is that their bone marrow doesn’t have the capacity of producing healthy blood cells.

What is Revlimid Dosing

The prescribed Revlimid dosage for treating myelodysplastic disease is by taking 10 mg of Revlimid once each day. It is an approved Revlimid indication for treating people with anemia. However, for those with multiple myeloma, Lenalidomide 25 mg can be taken with water each day. Revlimid dosing is available in the form of the capsule in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 25 mg.

How to take Revlimid 15 MG Capsule

While the drug comes in a different dosage, on no situation should you take it without the prescription of a doctor. Furthermore, ensure to follow all prescription as prescribed by the doctor. It should be taken at exactly the same time every day with or without food.

When taking Revlimid females should not breastfeed or get pregnant during this period. For the male, ensure you don’t donate sperm during this period. Furthermore, do not donate blood because if someone pregnant has access to your donated blood, the baby may expose to Revlimid with birth defects after some time.

How does Revlimid (Lenalidomide) Work?

The main substance lenalidomide is an immunomodulating agent. What this means is that it affects the activities performed in the immune system. Interestingly, Revlimid works in numerous ways, which include:

  • Preventing the growth of blood vessels within tumors
  • Blocking the development of abnormal cells
  • Stimulating specialized cells of the immune system to fight against abnormal cells in the body

Revlimid side effects

Like all medications, Lenalidomide capsules 25 mg also have certain side effects, which may get worse in each person. Some patient may be allergic to the ingredient contained in Revlimid. However, if you experience any of side effects after using Revlimid, endeavor to get medical help as soon as possible. You may experience mild side effects such as difficulty in breathing, hives, and swelling in your throat or face. Severe reactions include skin pain, burning in your eyes, sore throat, fever, purple or red skin rash, which spreads and causes peeling and blistering.

Consult your doctor immediately you observe:

  • Any sign of blood clotting or stroke. This may include a severe headache, shortness of breath, problem with vision or speech, redness or swelling of the leg and arm.
  • Heart attack symptoms such as sweating, chest pain, or pain spreading to your shoulder or jaw.
  • Liver problems such as jaundice, clay-colored stools, loss of appetite, and stomach pain within the upper region.
  • Low blood cell counts causing skin sores, mouth sores, swollen gums, chills, fever, unusual bleeding, and easy bruising.
  • Tumor cell breakdown like confusion, muscle tightness or weakness, numbness, shortness of breath, blood in your urine, and lower back pain.

Is there generic for Revlimid

Revlimid is the brand name for the drug, whereas the generic name is Lenalidomide. Currently, there is no generic version of Revlimid. Lenalidomide is FDA approved. However, there are fraudulent pharmacies online that try to sell an illegal generic version. These medications are potentially unsafe and may have been counterfeited. If you decide to buy Revlimid online, ensure it is done through a reputable online pharmacy. The Revlimid price for each dose may defer from one store to another.

The cost of Revlimid 2.5mg goes for $19,370 with about 28 capsules. However, the Revlimid cost is dependent on the pharmacy you decide to buy lenalidomide or Revlimid. The cost of lenalidomide is for people paying with cash and isn’t valid with insurance plans. However, the lenalidomide price UK is about £4,638 per 21 capsules of 25 mg.

Revlimid Alternatives

There are other drugs with lenalidomide as its primary ingredient. These include Lenalid Mf 25Mg capsule, Lenome 25Mg capsule, Lenzest 5Mg Capsule, Lenomust 5Mg capsule etc.

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