SayWhatClub Conventions

The SayWhatClub is an on-line group of several hundred late-deafened and hard of hearing and other interested folks who provide support and encouragement to each other through e-mail. Our goal is to provide a friendly, good-humored place to exchange conversation, information, advice, deep thoughts, humor, tall tales, and chit chat. It is our hope that members will get to know each other and develop an on-line “community feeling.”

We are scattered worldwide and depend on electronic mail and the Internet to communicate with one another. The SayWhatClub is international, with members living in Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Israel, Denmark, England, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, and the United States. We ask members to keep in mind that our backgrounds, skills, religious convictions, outlooks on life, hearing, signing, lip-reading, and typing abilities vary greatly, and, therefore, to please be tolerant, and patient.

One member describes her feelings about the SayWhatClub…..:
“I sat in silent isolation all alone, wishing for an understanding friend; then I found the SayWhatClub and now I have friends without end!”

Another member posted:
“I just want you to know that I have had one real benefit from losing most of my hearing: meeting a bunch of people like you who don’t mind telling it like it is.”

Another member said this:
“A year ago I lost my job. I had been with the SWC for nearly a year at that time, and knew I could turn to them in the coming months to vent my anger, frustrations and everything else I went through while learning to cope with this new situation. It is the only place I had where I could express my feelings freely. This Club is unique.”

Yet another member said:
“I have decided this is a permanent community in my life. SWC offers a place for me to be human. I don’t have to be perfect here, nor does anyone else. We come here with deep pain and many struggles. I think SWC is a good place to learn to trust again when we’ve been kicked by others because of hearing loss or deafness. That takes time and I figure it’s up to me and every other person to make that choice.”

And one more:
“Over the ten years or so that the SWC has been chugging along, I’ve seen its function as multiple. It is a source of information and advice, drawing upon a group of very resourceful people. It is a means of getting to know other folks who are experiencing similar challenges. It is a place for people who feel very isolated to find companionship and even real friendship. It is a place where people who have confidence and knowledge, and wish to share that with others in need can do so. It is a place where a person can find a very intellectually stimulating conversation, have a chuckle over an inconsequential joke, or learn something about another culture or geographic region. Not every person needs every one of the functions I just mentioned, but they are there for the taking if one chooses.”

In addition to multiple listservs, SayWhatClub members also enjoy a
web-based newsletter and can participate in member chats directly on the web. SayWhatClub chatting has never been easier..