SoundCure Secures Funding For New Sound-Based Tinnitus Treatment

SoundCure Secures Funding For New Sound-Based Tinnitus Treatment

April 2011

SoundCure formally closed on a $3MM round of funding to help launch the commercialization of a novel sound based tinnitus treatment first developed at the University of California at Irvine. Allied Minds, Inc. led the financing.

SoundCure’s tinnitus therapy was pioneered by Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng at UCI with research funded by the American Tinnitus Association and has shown great success in bringing relief to sufferers of tinnitus.

The SoundCure technology utilizes unique tones and sounds customized to an individual’s own tinnitus to help quiet the ringing. The proprietary SoundCure audio stimuli are designed to be presented at a softer level than the patient’s tinnitus to lower the patient’s overall sound burden and reduce or eliminate the perception of tinnitus.

The new funds will be used to realize an aggressive commercialization plan that brings with it a new medical device capable of delivering the suite of SoundCure’s tinnitus therapies and directly address tinnitus in an approach to quiet and control the symptoms of tinnitus.

“The university is pleased with Allied Minds’ continued commitment to developing this important technology that resulted from academic research into a therapy that has the potential to benefit patients suffering from tinnitus,” says Assistant Vice Chancellor, Ronnie Hanecak, at the Office of Technology Alliances at UC Irvine. CEO of Allied Minds, Chris Silva, cites the development of SoundCure as “yet another example of the Allied Minds model creating value and addressing unmet needs by bringing groundbreaking research at major Universities into commercial reality.”

About SoundCure

SoundCure is focused on developing and commercializing a novel acoustic therapy for the treatment of tinnitus (ringing in the ear). The company will partner with audiologists, MD’s and patient advocacy groups and leverage innovative web-based technologies to treat patients and provide tinnitus solutions. Tinnitus is a debilitating disease that affects an estimated 262 million people worldwide. SoundCure was formed by Allied Minds, a capital investment firm, based on technology first pioneered by researchers at University of California, Irvine who discovered a relation between certain tonal algorithms and specific therapeutic effects.

Source: Allied Minds