What is Spironolactone?

Spironolactone is a specially designed medical drug that treats or diagnoses a condition of the body when it contains too much aldosterone. It is a potassium-sparing diuretic water pill that prevents potassium levels of the body from getting low. Besides, this medicinal drug also treats edema or fluid retention in patients who have had congestive heart failure, or a kidney disorder called nephrotic syndrome.You may not find complete purposes of Spironolactone in this medication guide but it contains most of them.

Important information

The intake of the medicine is strictly prohibited to patients who have kidney disease, or suffer from high levels of potassium in blood. Besides, the use of the medicine is also not encouraged for those who find difficult urinating or taking eplerenone.Talking about animal studies the use of Spironolactone is a sole reason for certain types of tumors or cancers. It is still not clear whether the use of the medicine will cause same types of effects in people or not. However, for that the patient should ask the doctor.

Before taking this medicine

In case you are allergic to spironolactone then it is better not to take Spironolactone. Besides, if you have following then also avoids its use:

  • Kidney disease, or if you find problem urinating
  • If you suffer from adrenal gland disorder
  • Hyperkalemia or high levels of potassium in blood
  • During the intake of eplerenone

Tell your doctor in advance before using Spironolactone in case of heart disease, liver disease, low levels of magnesium in the body, or in case you take non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Besides, in case of potassium supplements, heart or blood pressure medication or another diuretic you should consult with the doctor before taking Spironolactone to avoid its side effects.Talking about animal studies the use of Spironolactone is a sole reason for certain types of tumors or cancers. It is still not clear whether the use of the medicine will cause same types of effects in people or not. However, for that the patient should ask the doctor.

FDA pregnancy category C

Besides, even if a lady is pregnant or is planning to become one should consult with the doctor before using the same as the intake of Spironolactone may harm an unborn baby.Also remember that the use of Spironolactone can pass into breast milk so to avoid side effects it is better for a feeding mom not to use the same.

Side effects

Even though the intake of medicine is tolerable for the patient but there are situations when an emergency medical help may be needed. These include difficulty breathing, swelling of face, lips or tongue.

You should immediately stop taking this medicine if you suffer from:

High potassium- muscle weakness, tingly feeling, weak pulse, slow heart rateSigns of electrolyte imbalance-drowsiness, nausea, increase durination, fast heart rate, dry mouth, lack of energy, confusion, restlessness, increased thirst, muscle cramps or weakness.Symptoms of stomach bleeding- vomit resembling coffee grounds, bloody or tarry stools.Hallucination, feeling unsteady, fainting, loss of coordination, seizure, and feeling unsteady are the signs of low sodium.

Some common side effects of Spironolactone are

  • Leg cramps
  • Mild nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breast swelling
  • Impotence
  • Headache
  • Tenderness
  • Diarrhea

The above may not be a complete list of side effects. In case you find some unusual side effects then report about the same to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 FREE.

What other drugs will affect Spironolactone?

You should always tell your doctor before using the medicine in case you are already taking some medications to treat your problems. It is so because there are some medicines that may interact with Aladactone and cause side effects. The drugs may interact with spironolactone, including over-the-counter medicines, herbal products, vitamins, minerals and prescriptions. So, always tell your doctor about the medicines you are going to start or stop while using Spironolactone.

What happens if I miss a dose?

In case you miss a dose then take the skipped dose as soon as remembers. But the missed dose should only be taken if the next dose is not scheduled to avoid the side effects of overdose.

What happens if I overdose?

In case you overdose yourself with Spironolactone then call your doctor for medical assistance. Besides, you can also report about the same at the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 FREE.

What should I avoid?

  • During the intake of Spironolactone you should avoid the consumption of alcohol as it can increase the side effects.
  • You should also need to avoid the use of salt substitutes or low-sodium milk products. It is so because the intake of these kinds of products can increase the levels of potassium.
  • Even a high-salt diet should also be avoided. Taking too much salt will result in preserving of water in the body, which may lessen the efficacy of Spironolactone.
  • Also note that the use of Spironolactone may also retard your thinking ability. Therefore while driving or indulge in any other activity during the intake of medicine be cautious.
  • You should also avoid dehydration and becoming overheated.

How should I take Spironolactone?

The intake of the medicine should be made as prescribed by the doctor. It is very important for the patient to read through all the directions carefully so that no smaller or larger use of the medicine is made.Further, the patient may ask for frequent blood tests while taking this medicine. In case the blood tests show unusual results then tell the doctor about the intake of Spironolactone as it may be because of it.In case you are recommended an operation then tell your doctor about the use of medicine as he may ask to stop taking it for some time.In case of high blood pressure there is no need to stop taking this medicine. The patient can get in touch with a doctor to clear all the doubts. Besides, as high blood pressure is a lifelong problem then the doctor may prescribe a suitable blood pressure medication for permanent use. Spironolactone should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Reviews for Spironolactone

User Rating: 2.0

For Acne: I was prescribed spironolactone to help reduce androgens-hair loss and acne treatment. Honestly it failed to help me and rather left negative consequences. So, I won’t recommend it to anyone.

User Rating; 10

For Acne: I saw gradual improvement in my acne problem involving the jawline, upper arms, neck back, chest or hairline. My life has been completely changed and I am happier than ever.

User Rating; 10

For Acne: I continued to take spironolactone for about three years to treat my problem of cystic acne. You won’t believe since I have used this medicine my problem has been cured and no side effects occurred.