Starkey introduces tinnitus treatment and wireless products

Starkey introduces tinnitus treatment and wireless products

January 2013

Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing technology, is excited to introduce its new tinnitus treatment solution and two new members to its wireless family. Distributed under the Starkey brand name, Xino(tm) Tinnitus combines advanced hearing aid technology designed to provide personalized tinnitus relief. Xino Wireless includes the new micro RIC 312 that offers the benefits of Starkey’s IRIS(tm) Technology. Additionally, the new 3 Series(tm) BTE 13, the smallest BTE 13 in the Starkey lineup is now available.

The highly anticipated Tinnitus Treatment Solution, Xino Tinnitus, uses patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology to create a patient-preferred sound stimulus designed to deliver the one thing every sufferer wants – relief. It makes tinnitus manageable for patients who have been frustrated by their inability to find consistent personalized relief – and gives hearing professionals an easy-to-use tinnitus management option. Xino Tinnitus:

* Offers two devices in one – tinnitus therapy and a hearing aid
* Is a nearly invisible device – RIC 10
* Starts with a best fit and then allows for flexible adjustments in 16 bands
* Has the ability to adjust modulation rate of stimulus
* Contains a flexible device-level control of volume and memory
* Can adhere to any fitting philosophy, including retraining therapy and masking protocols
* Uses the SoundPoint Tinnitus fitting tool to allow patients to identify the most preferable stimulus, which helps ensure satisfaction

Starkey’s newest member to its wireless lineup, Xino Wireless is a newly designed incredibly small micro RIC 312. It includes all of Starkey’s industry-leading performance features and offers the benefits of IRIS Technology – including Binaural Spatial Mapping, compatibility with SurfLink(r)Mobile, hands-free wireless phone streaming, media streaming and programming, synchronized user controls and more – in a style that’s comfortable practical and desirable.

Finally, the 3 Series BTE 13 offers everything that has made our 3 Series lineup so in demand – including new, ergonomic casing, tactile user control, and all the benefits of our wireless IRIS Technology – all in a fully featured BTE with the power of a high-gain receiver and the longevity of a 13 battery.

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