Tadalis (tadalafil) 20mg

Tadalis is an effective generic medication meant for treating impotence and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in men. As Tadalafil is the main component of Tadalis and a Phosphodiesterace-5 (PDE5) inhibitor, the medication helps men to attain and maintain erection for longer hours by preventing the collapse of cGMP, an important substance that regulates the blood circulation. Generic Tadalis, when consumed orally, boosts the blood flow in penile region and thus, give stronger erection to men for sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation is needed for Tadalis effect.

Produced by Ajantha Pharma, Tadalis is oval-shaped yellow colored pills available in doses of 20 mg. It is an oral medication that works with same effectiveness whether taken with or without food. It must be taken just once in a day or as suggested by your family doctor. The drug is consumed 30 minutes or one hour before sex and its effect last for up to 36 hours.


Tadalis is my drug because it gave me what I desperately wanted. I am 31 and used to go soft during my intercourse, this was awful. Then, my office colleague suggested me Tadalis and without any side-effects, I am thoroughly enjoying its benefits. Trust me! (Rating : 10/10)

I love Tadalis for whatever this tablet do. I administer 20 mg a day and the effects stay for 2 days. Absolutely fantastic! However, I skipped a major fall as this medication caused dizziness. But it lasted for few minutes. (Rating : 8/10)

I am using Tadalis since two years and it has drastically improved my love life. I am 42 and had seen a very depressing phase due to no or less erection. My wife was unhappy, we squabbled a lot but Tadalis overhauled the entire situation. I love my wife and she loves me more than I do. I take Tadalis 20 mg once in a day. However, I often get mild headaches. But overall, it is Amazing! (Rating : 9/10)

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