Tafinlar (Dabrafenib)®

Shed Extra Melanoma Skin Cancer Growth with Tafinlar (Dabrafenib)®

Melanoma skin cancers are no fun for anybody, they can spread to other parts of the body, and they can be hard to remove through surgery. It is then important that the growth of such a cancer be blocked with any means. One of such means is the use of Dabrafenib which is a generic name. Dabrafenib actively blocks or inhibits the growth of melanoma skin cancer.

It is worth pointing out that Dabrafenib only works for melanoma skin cancer where a change in the BRAF gene/protein has been observed. The BRAF gene is responsible for cell growth and division; therefore, if unwanted changes happen in this gene, melanoma skin cancer is inevitable. What Dabrafenib effectively does is to stop further production of BRAF proteins, sort of like cutting it off from the source.

How Dabrafenib is taken

Dabrafenib comes as a pill in 50mg and 75mg variants; this helps combinations for different dose requirements. Dabrafenib is taken twice in a day, 12 hours apart. However, there are things to note while taking Dabrafenib, and they are:

  • You don’t take Dabrafenib with food
  • You can only eat 1 hour after using Dabrafenib
  • You can only use Dabrafenib 2 hours after eating
  • You cannot crush or chew the tablets; they are to be swallowed with a full glass of water.
  • You should continue to take it till you see results, or till your doctor says otherwise.

Additionally, if you miss your dose for a period less than 6 hours, you can take the necessary dose as soon as you remembered. If it is past 6 hours, it is a good idea to forego the dose and wait for the next scheduled intake. In the case of using more Dabrafenib than required, you should contact your doctor immediately, and perhaps visit a healthcare center as soon as possible.

Where to buy Dabrafenib or generic Tafinlar

Generic Tafinlar is sold both online, and local drug stores or pharmacies. If you want to buy Tafinlar online then you can visit CancerDrugs.supply to check our stock of Tafinlar, and other generic Tafinlar brands that you can purchase at prices matching your budget. You can be sure of getting genuine products, as all our products are gotten from genuine suppliers. Please note that you will need a prescription to buy Dabrafenib, and other generic Tafinlar products you want to order.

Also, due to our thorough adherence to guidelines with prescription drugs, processing your orders can take up to 48 hours, after which a parcel tracking number will be sent to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there side effects associated with Tafinlar generic or generic Tafinlar?

Yes, there are side effects associated with Tafinlar generic and generic Tafinlar; some mild, some acute, and some chronic. Examples of relatively mild side effects include: skin changes, loss of appetite, tiredness etc, while severe side effects can include: hair loss, infertility, joint pains etc. However, always call your doctor whenever there are any observed changes after you have started taking generic Tafinlar and Tafinlar generic.

Are there concerns my doctor needs to know about?

One of the primary things your doctor should know before administering generic Tafinlar is if you are G6PD deficient. The risk associated with this is hemolytic anemia – a breakdown of the red blood cells. Additionally, information about pregnancy and plans towards child birth should be shared with your doctor.

What is the Tafinlar standard price?

The Tafinlar price can vary depending on what you order. The brand names are more expensive, while generic versions of Tafinlar go for a fraction of what the brand names go for. To buy Tafinlar online or other generic versions is not hard at all, just log into CancerDrugs.supply for easy transactions and trusted products.

Can I buy Tafinlar generic online without prescription?

No, you cannot buy Tafinlar online or at your local drug store without a valid doctor’s prescription.

Would Tafinlar cost me more ordering me more buying online or at a local drug store?

Yes, we will save you more on your generic Tafinlar cost because our overhead cost is less, compared to local drug stores.

Customer Reviews

“Have been on Dabrafenib and Mekinist combined for 2 weeks. Melanomas have reduced in size and blood test results were good. Hoping it continues but it is only early days for me. Nausea, pain, itchiness. Taking antihistamines. Melanomas in spine so pain expected.”


“For the moment with the Dabrafenib/Mekinist combination, I don’t have any side effects anymore. I went on holiday the first time in three years to the sun (Rhodes) and I experienced no problems with the sun.I used sunscreen and was able to go into the sun for long walks and excursions (no long exposure however). With the Zelboraf however this would not have been possible.”


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