• Revlimid


    Revlimid or Lenalidomide is a chemotherapy or cancer drug, which targets specific proteins within the cancer cells and stops these cells from growing. It is a drug widely used for the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and some myelodysplastic syndromes, which can cause severe anemia. For people suffering from myeloma, Revlimid helps by slowing the disease while lengthening the lifespan of the individual.

  • Herceptin


    Herceptin is the brand name of the drug Trastuzumab, which is used for the treatment of breast cancer. The question is Trastuzumab FDA approved is what most people want to know before thinking of the next step.

  • Femara (Letrozole)

    Femara (Letrozole)

    Femara, the medicine is also commonly letrozole, this medicine is used for the purpose of treating different kind of cancers like the breast cancer which is hormone-receptor, it happens commonly to women after the menopause. Femara is also very helpful in preventing cancer from returning.

  • Velcade (Bortezomib)

    Velcade (Bortezomib)

    PROTEASOME INHIBITOR VELCADE (BORTEZOMIB) VELCADE (BORTEZOMIB) is an antineoplastic agent the first in a new class of drugs called proteasome inhibitors, an example of target chemotherapy. BORTEZOMIB mechanism of action is by inhibiting enzyme complexes called proteasomes. Both normal cells and cancer cells contain proteasomes that break down damaged proteins into smaller components. Inhibition of

  • Aromasin (Exemestane)

    Aromasin (Exemestane)

    Aromasin also known as exemestane is used for the purpose of treating different kinds of breast cancer, like the breast cancer which is receptor-positive in women which happen after menopause. Aromasin generic is also used for the purpose of preventing cancer from coming back in the body. There are many breast cancers which grow in

  • Anesthetic Cream (EMLA)

    Anesthetic Cream (EMLA)

    TOPICAL ANESTHETICS, LMX TOPICAL CREAM Topical anesthetics are agents which act to reduce pain sensation in the area in which they are applied on e.g skin, front of eyes, nose e.t.c. They are available in form of anesthetic creams, sprays, solutions or gels. They are used for pain relief. They are used on skin to


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