• Nexavar (Sorafenib)

    Nexavar (Sorafenib)

    Liver, Kidney and Thyroid Cancer Statistics Liver cancer is a common disease especially in the sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asian countries. In these countries, it is the commonest type of cancer compared to other cancers and accounts for the bigger percentage of cancer deaths, which now stand at more than 600, 000 deaths. Each year,

  • Vincasar PFS (Vincristine Sulfate)

    Vincasar PFS (Vincristine Sulfate)

    Vincasar PFS® (Vincristine Sulfate) - Safe Low Cost Drugs for Children Cancerous tumors are characterized by irregular and abnormal cell division which can no longer be controlled. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells to stop these abnormal cell divisions. Basically, chemotherapy is most effective at killing cells that are dividing at rapid periods. Vincasar PFS®, generic name


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