• Flavoxate

    What is flavoxate? Flavoxate is used to lessens the muscle seizures of the bladder and urinary area. Flavoxate is help in the treatment to resolve the bladder problems such as frequent urination, bladder pain, and urine leakage. The reason for such symptoms are due to overactive bladder, irritation of the urethra, prostate enlargement and bladder

  • Tolterodine

    What is Tolterodine? Tolterodine is a cholinergic receptor blocker used for treating urinary bladder disorders that affects urination in human body. Tolterodine works by inhibiting the release of cholinergic or acetylcholine in the urinary bladder that results in contraction of muscular bladder wall and overactive bladder. It treats urinary frequency and inconsistency. Tolterodine is used


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