Tarabine PFS (Cytarabine)®

Treating Leukemia associated with Meningitis with Tarabine PFS (Cytarabine)®

One of the difficulties with handling cancer is the different ways it manifests. To that effect, different methods of treatments/drugs have been developed to mitigate the growth, and dangers associated with such cancers. Blood cancers as a result of meningitis are such types of cancers that require specific type of treatment and drugs. Tarabine PFS or Cytarabine as it is generically known is used to treat Leukemia associated with meningitis.

It should be noted that Cytarabine is not indicated to treat active meningitis that is already developed in the body. Cytarabine is a chemotherapy drug that restricts, or in other cases fully stops the further growth of cancer cells in the body. Tarabine PFS (Cytarabine) can be administered solely, or in combination with other drugs, but any decision on this, should be made in consultation with a skilled and experienced doctor.

How to take Cytarabine

Cytarabine doesn’t come as pills, but given via injections into the veins, or space around the spinal cord. All injections should only be collected in a medical facility where expertise is guaranteed. Other things for you to note include:

  • The injections are usually received every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Always indicate straightaway to the doctor or healthcare officers about any burning sensations arising from the point of entry of the needle
  • After receiving the injection via the space around the spinal cord, it is important to lie flat for some time, typically one hour. It also gives the doctors a chance to monitor for known side effects that can arise from the injections.
  • After this injections, avoid things that put you at risk of bleeding, and avoid people with infectious diseases. This is because Cytarabine has been known to reduce white blood cells, and also reduce the clotting power of the blood.

Additionally, it is encouraged to get your blood tested regularly during the treatment to ensure risks are quickly flagged for immediate responses.

Where to buy Cytarabine

Cytarabine is a prescription cancer drug that can be purchased at the local store, or at registered and reputable online drug portals. You can get the brand name Trabine PFS or other generic Trabine PFS on CancerDrugs.supply at competitive prices. Additionally, our stock of generic Tarabine PFS offers savings on your Cytarabine purchase.

We are committed to the safety of our customers, and ensure thorough check before orders are processed; this makes our processing time a maximum of 48 hours when the parcel will have already been shipped to you, and parcel tracking number forwarded to your mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects associated with generic Tarabine PFS?

There some common side effects associated with Cytarabine, and they include: nausea, vomiting, memory problems, headache etc. It is recommended to be observant of all changes happening after you have received your injection, and communicate with your doctor when something seems out of place or unexpected.

What are the important things my doctor must know before giving me Cytarabine?

Cytarabine is not friendly on pregnancy, and should never be taken while pregnant. If you have received Cytarabine before, and were allergic to it, alert your doctor to this fact. Additionally the drugs is not suitable for those suffering from issues such as epilepsy or those dealing with head injury or brain tumor, as Tarabine PFS generic is known to have some side effects on the brain, and central nervous system.

Are there drugs that react with generic Tarabine PFS?

The rule of thumb is to list all current medications you take, even if it is herbal in nature. Importantly, the following drugs are well known to interact with generic Tarabine PFS:

  • Ancobon
  • Lanoxin
  • Gentak

What should I do if I miss a dose of Tarabine PFS generic?

Your doctor will be in the best position to tell you what you need to do, so kindly put a call across to him/her when you miss your dose of generic Tarabine PFS.

How much will Tarabine PFS cost me?

This depends on the brand of generic Tarabine PFS you buy. Brand names are more expensive than the lesser known generic versions.

Can I compare Tarabine PFS price on CancerDrugs.supply?

All the drugs we have stocked are fully listed on the sites, whether it is the brand Tarabine PFS or the generic Tarabine PFS.

Can I buy Tarabine PFS generic online without prescription?

No, at CancerDrugs.supply, we only process orders that are accompanied with necessary prescriptions from authorized healthcare professionals.

Are there any noticeable differences between the brand name Tarabine PFS and other Tarabine generic?

Not necessarily, the only thing is that brand names are produced by tested and trusted pharmaceuticals, while the other generic Tarabine PFS generic are produced by new and lesser known pharmaceuticals.

Customer Reviews

“Worked as predicted. Got me in remission. Knocked my numbers down each time, but they bounced back after transfusions.”


This one was pretty rough. Lots of side effects. Thrush in the mouth, colitis, bone pain, drop in counts/ANC.”



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