TruHearing to Provide Discount Hearing Services to 56 Million VSP Vision Care Members

TruHearing to Provide Discount Hearing Services to 56 Million VSP Vision Care Members

Editor: It seems that we see an article nearly every week about some organization acting to reduce the price of hearing aids. I don’t know how much of this is just marketing hype, but I hope that some of these will actually result in more affordable hearing aids. Here’s a press release from TruHearing describing their program.


January 2012

TruHearing, the nation’s first discount medical health organization to provide significant savings on hearing aids, will now offer its discount hearing services to VSP(R) Vision Care members. VSP Vision Care is the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the United States.

VSP Vision Care members and their covered dependents have access to TruHearing’s ValueAdd(R) program, which provides discounts up to 35 percent off retail prices on digital hearing aids. Members can also upgrade to TruHearing’s new MemberPlus(R) program to receive discounts of up to 68 percent.

“TruHearing ValueAdd and MemberPlus programs are a perfect fit with the VSP eyecare benefit,” said TruHearing CEO and founder Lindsay Atwood. “The need for affordable eyecare and hearing products and services has never been greater. And they often go hand-in-hand.” Studies show age-related hearing loss tracks almost one-to-one with age-related vision loss. According to a survey by the Better Hearing Institute, more than 65 percent of Americans age 55 and over with hearing loss report that affordability is a key reason for not wearing hearing aids. In another study, researchers at Duke University also cited that hearing aids are being underused largely because of cost.

The TruHearing MemberPlus program also provides the opportunity to add up to four extended family members not covered by members’ insurance (parents, siblings, uncles/aunts, grandparents) for a reduced annual membership fee.

“We’re excited to provide our members this exclusive opportunity to take advantage of deep discounts on some of the most popular digital hearing aids on the market, as well as hearing services,” said Melody Healy, Vice President of Product Strategy and Integration at VSP Vision Care. “We’re committed to helping our members experience life to the fullest by not only seeing well, but being well.” According to Healy, one of the chief benefits of TruHearing’s programs is the one-on-one support VSP Vision Care members can receive through TruHearing’s extensive network of hearing healthcare professionals nationwide.

TruHearing works with a contracted nationwide network of more than 1,800 audiologists and hearing instrument specialists who provide expert advice and professional services at discounted rates. The company also provides significant savings through direct purchasing of state-of-the-art digital hearing aids from four leading manufacturers (Unitron, ReSound, Phonak and Rexton–a division of Siemens), as well as its own private-label aids. VSP Vision Care members can find out more details about the TruHearing offer at .

ABOUT TRUHEARING TruHearing is breaking new ground as the nation’s first discount medical organization that provides health plan and employer group members deep discounts on the latest hearing aid technology. TruHearing also provides access to expert advice and discounted professional hearing services, delivered through a contracted network of more than 1,800 hearing professionals. Founded in 2003 and based in Utah, TruHearing provides significant savings through direct purchasing from four leading manufacturers (Unitron, ReSound, Phonak and Rexton–a division of Siemens). TruHearing also has contracts with more than 45 health plans (including Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue 365 program and Humana). This provides discounted hearing aids to more than 100 million participating health plan members, their families and extended families. TruHearing is not available to the general public. Individuals can access TruHearing programs through participating health plans and employer groups. For more information, visit or . Hearing care professionals can learn more about joining the TruHearing network of providers by contacting Mark Stringer:

Lindsay Atwood founded TruHearing in 2003 with the goal of delivering brand-name hearing aids and professional hearing services at affordable prices, improving quality of life for more than 100 million TruHearing members nationwide. In 2010, TruHearing members saved more than $14.5 million through the ValueAdd Program.

ABOUT VSP GLOBAL VSP Globala” includes VSP Vision Care, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the United States with 56 million members; Marchon(R) Eyewear Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers, designers and distributors of quality fashion and technologically-advanced eyewear and sunwear; Eyefinity(R) which offers innovative solutions and the premier management software and technology to improve overall practice management and patient experience; VSP Optics Group, industry leaders in new technologies, production processes, service and logistics.

To date, through VSP community outreach programs such as VSP Mobile Eyes(R) and Sight for Students(R), and through relationships including those with the American Red Cross and Prevent Blindness America, VSP has invested more than $142 million in free eyecare and eyewear for close to 745,000 adults and children in need throughout the United States.

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. TruHearing provides discounts to contracted health care plans and enrolled employer groups for hearing aid sales and professional services. Professional services for fitting, programming and three adjustment visits, are included in the price of the aids. The customer is obligated to pay for testing, and all other post-fitting hearing care services, but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with TruHearing.

For Florida and Oklahoma residents: The Member may cancel membership within 30 days, and receive a full refund of fees. The Member must return hearing aids within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund of the purchase price. In Florida, the DMPO does not make payments directly to providers. As with all Members nationwide, fitting fees, programming fees and first three adjustment visits are included in the price of the aids. VSP and Vision care for life are registered trademarks of Vision Service Plan.

SOURCE: TruHearing