UK’s National Health Care Includes Siemens IMPACT Hearing Aides

UK’s National Health Care Includes Siemens IMPACT Hearing Aides

Editor: It’s good to see that some people have access to good hearing aids through readily available health insurance. It’s unfortunate that the same can’t be said for folks here in the US.


March 2012

Siemens Hearing Instruments has upgraded the company’s IMPACT range of hearing solutions and they have been placed onto the NHS Supply Chain’s National Framework agreement.

The new IMPACT Pro product family features several new features including: FeedbackStopper; SoundBrilliance; IMPACT Pro R now with 12 channels; plus new miniReceivers and Click Domes. The range also includes the miniTek wireless enhancement system compatibility. In addition, IMPACT Pro also utilises AutoFit to optimise workflow and help achieve improved patient outcomes.

The new FeedbackStopper functionality ensures feedback is quickly cancelled, without any sound distortion, due to a faster feedback management system. It features adaptive phase cancellation combined with a 25Hz Transient Frequency Shift that shifts the entire output to ensure feedback is stopped quickly with no audible artefacts. The new range also offers SoundBrilliance to enhance the perception of high quality sounds by artificially extending high frequency output. SoundBrilliance makes the IMPACT Pro range ideal for those who enjoy listening to music and like rich, full sounds.

The wireless enhancement system, miniTek, is compatible with all IMPACT Pro and IMPACT hearing instruments. It provides wireless Bluetooth connectivity to devices such as TVs, mobile phones and MP3 players and streams sound directly into hearing instruments. New features include the ability to connect with two Tek Transmitters for ease of use and it can now connect two phones simultaneously, allowing the wearer to make and receive calls from either their Bluetooth mobile or Bluetooth enabled landline.

The new miniReceivers and Click Domes are the smallest external receivers on the market and the range is designed to fit more ears. The click mechanism is both reliable and robust with a two step wax protection system which offers greater performance.

“The upgrades to the IMPACT Pro range are designed to offer users better sound quality, ease of use and a solution that fits their lifestyle,” said Matthew Norgate, NHS Product Manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments. “The new FeedbackStopper puts an end to those embarrassing and annoying moments when feedback gets in the way of a conversation. The availability of our popular miniTek makes life simpler, allowing users to connect to many everyday audio devices.”

Source: Siemens Hearing Instruments