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Unmistakably speaking…

Quality sex is worth every effort. Show me a man who can’t satisfy his woman and I’ll show you an utterly troubled relationship. Sex is vigor, vigor is passion, and this is what keeps the big spark sex experience. However, there is more to vigor and passion than meets the eye.

With all the work that a guy has to put in today, sometimes it’s next to impossible to keep up a firmer lasting erection anytime. It’s not out of the ordinary, it happens quite often. As a man, it is not just keeping your day job that matters, sex life needs sustaining too.

If you are reading this, you most likely have experienced or listened to men’s testimonials about the frustrations they go through in the name of sex. Let’s talk about a lasting solution that will help you get the edge back.

What’s the magic that’s got men talking for more than a decade?

VigRX Plus with Bioperine, Damiana, and Tribulus ingredients is the new unmatched male enhancement supplement. It has not only been clinically tested but also scientifically proven to bring the much needed change in your bedroom. What’s more, it has stood a decade’s test in delivering a 62.82% more enhanced ability to bring up and maintain an erection. Does this explain why it literally flies off the shelves by the volumes?

Being that it is 100% effective and natural supplement and is 100% safe makes it the most recommended male enhancement formula worldwide.

VigRX Plus main elements

  • Bioperine – an element that comes from the same family as black pepper whose function is to facilitate absorption of other nutrients in the body for an improved working ability.
  • Damiana – A clinically proven element with a history of enhancing stamina and orgasms.
  • Tribulus Terretris – natural testosterone booster.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed) – Assured enhanced libido and hard erections.
  • Ginkgo Leaf – Facilitates blood supply to and through the penis.

VigRX Plus is backed by scientific proof!

Numbers don’t lie, you can count on real life data. 75 men were put through an 84-day clinical testing period which included a test on VigRX Plus. The results were unusually outstanding. The household name, Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD spearheaded the clinical study that would set the distinction between VigRX Plus and the control experiment which represented some other supplements in the market.

About the subjects

The subjects were divided into two test groups with an age range of 25 to 50 years. The first group used VigRX Plus pills while the other acted as a control although they were made to think that they were actually using the same pill as the rest.

The clinical experiment period was 84 days with assessments being made in the 28th and 56th day. The results were assessed using the accredited IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function) system that has been relied on internationally to produce valid results for tests on:

  • The capacity to Maintain An Erection After Partner Penetration
  • Frequency of Erection
  • Firmness of Erection
  • Maintaining An Erection Until End Of Intercourse
  • Being Confident enough to Maintain and Achieve An Erection
  • Frequency of Penetrating Their Partner

The placebo controlled clinical experiment yielded results that astonished the very experts that were conducting it. That users knew its was a good product was certain, but that it was this good, was an unexpected surprise!

Here is the transformation that men experienced in just 12 weeks.

  • Maintaining an erection increased by 63%
  • Quality and frequency of orgasm improved by 21%
  • There was a 59% increased ability to penetrate their partner
  • Sexual desire and drive shot up 46%
  • 70% increased intercourse satisfaction
  • Remarkable increased satisfaction by 62%

In comparison…

The chart below confirms an improvement in the five IIEF domains when using VigRX Plus as compared to the placebo group.


Result # 1: Erectile Function
Sexual performance with regard to getting and keeping an erection increased 60%, a higher percentage than less than 10% in the control experiment. Men know only too well how vital erectile function is in satisfying their partners.
Erectile dysfunction affects men across the board as regards all other domains so that satisfaction is affected, orgasmic function and sexual desire are also interfered with, and in the overall, a man’s esteem and confidence slowly wear out. This ultimately affects his relationship with his partner.

Result # 2: Intercourse Satisfaction

With an ability to get and maintain an erection, partners particularly the female reported more sexual gratification resulting from penetration than before. This is because there was a greater likelihood for men to start out penetration.

On the other hand, the group taking placebo found their fulfillment decreasing.

Result # 3: Orgasmic Function
Perhaps a great highlight in this research was that men who took VigRX Plus pills experienced more orgasms as compared to their placebo counterparts. This is a clear indication of a sexual satisfaction achievement.

Result # 4: Sexual Desire
Ordinarily erectile dysfunction medications have only treated erection related issues. The new VigRX Plus however, comprehensively addressed even the most overlooked yet trivial matters like sexual desire. This is key factor sets an incomparable distinction between VigRX Plus pills and other pills out there.

Men that took VigRX Plus pills reported an increased longing for sex over and over which led to the overall satisfaction of both partners.

This clinical test just goes on to show that drive and desire in sex are just as important as rock hard erection is to the overall experience and for both partners.

Result # 5: Overall Sexual Satisfaction
In a double-blind study mode, it was reported that patients who tool VigRX Plus were more satisfied with their experience and looked forward to the next.

Double blind study mode are mostly used in clinical experiments to rule out any possibility of bias in the forthcoming results.

Result # 6: Overall Satisfaction
Sex affects mental and physical life. Quality performance in the bedroom exudes overall confidence, higher self esteem and more happiness in men. This state can only be achieved through the success of all the other domains.
In fact, a man’s life outside is a true reflection of his life behind the bedroom walls.

It’s time to save yourself the hassle of conventional Products

With VigRX Plus comes a simplified and hassle free yet with an utterly workable schedule that naturally fits into your system.

A simple two VigRX Plus pills a day for a month is what it takes to see the difference that this supplement can bring to your life. Its benefits go beyond quality sexual intercourse to:

  • Eliminate the hassle of taking pills only when you feel just ripe for great sex.
  • Guarantee no headaches or other side effects associated with male enhancement supplements because it comprises of 100% natural elements
  • Ensure it blends naturally into your systems as it is made of natural elements.

If improved sex matters to you, then this number one rated booster will be your greatest companion next to your mate.

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