Zoladex (Goserelin Acetate)

Zoladex (Goserelin Acetate) An Injection to Cure Prostrate Cancer

Cancer is in many types and one such is the prostate cancer. Prostate cancer affects men only. It is now a serious health concern in men all over the world. This cancer starts growing in the male reproductive system prostate gland. This is the gland that makes the semen carrying sperm. This gland is in walnut size and is surrounded by the urethra upper part and is beneath the bladder in the tube carrying urine from the bladder.

How it is treated

Zoladex is prescribed for advanced prostate cancer patients. The Zoladex generic name is Goserelin Acetate. Goserelin Acetate is a low cost generic pill. Zoladex helps in regulating the processes in the body. Certain hormone production in the body is restricted by Goserelin acetate and this causes temporary shutdown of production.

Zoladex or Goserelin acetate is a gonadotropin releasing hormone and is used for carcinoma of the prostate. It is started 8 weeks before initiating radiation therapy and continued thereafter. Goserelin acetate or Zoladex is intended for long term administration. Zoladex is also suitable for non-cancerous condition, endometriosis.

How it works

Zoladex or Goserelin acetate is a hormone therapy. It is an LHRH (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone) agonist. Testosterone hormone is produced in the testicles of male characteristics. The hormone therapy is used to treat cancer such that it stops certain hormone production by blocking the hormone receptors such that it cannot be used by the tumor cell.

LHRH agonists work by informing the pituitary gland in the brain to stop luteinizing hormone production that stimulates releasing testosterone in the testicles. LHRH agonists are used with anti-androgen medications to block the testosterone effects. Thus it reduces the testosterone amount thus slowing or shrinking down the cancer.

Zoladex Dosing, Strength and Administration

Zoladex or Zoladex generic, Goserelin acetate is in two dosages. A 10.8mg dose of Zoladex should be subcutaneously administered every 12 weeks below the navel line into the anterior abdominal wall, using a septic technique.

A 3.6mg dose of Zoladex or Goserelin acetate should be subcutaneously administered every 28 days. Adhering to the dosing schedule is best. Proper administration must be done as this is a prostatic carcinoma treatment.

Where to buy Zoladex

Goserelin acetate or Zoladex is available online and in the local areas only with a prescription. You can buy Zoladex online from CancerDrugs.supply, the online drug suppliers.

Zoladex price is high and you can go for this brand in case you have the budget or also opt for generic version such as Goserelin acetate as they are cheaper. This generic version drug, Goserelin acetate is available at 90% low prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What happens if I miss a dose?”

Call your doctor and get instructions in case you miss the appointment for Zoladex implant injection.

“What happens if I overdose?”

As Zoladex implant contains medication in a specific amount, you must not receive an overdose.

“In how much time will the package reach me?”

Ordering at CancerDrugs.supply ensures dispatching in 48 working hours from the time you place your order. You will receive tracking number in your email.

“What to avoid while receiving Zoladex?”

Avoid alcohol drinking as it increases bone loss while under Zoladex treatment. Also avoid smoking.

Customer Reviews

For Prostate Cancer “I had aggressive prostate cancer that lead to a radical prostatectomy but they didn’t get cancer. Seven weeks of radiation and the PSA was down to .04. It crept up slowly but when it started doubling every 2-3 months I was put on Zoladex. Although I have hot flushes and am struggling to maintain fitness and strength the side effects are minor compared to dying of cancer! My PSA has now dropped back to undetectable.”


Seems to have worked well in reducing cancer/PSA. Minimal side effects EXCEPT for both hands. Both hands are painful when moved and big knuckles can be very hurtful when holding an object. Warmth helps, as does minimizing hand movements. Can hold a tennis ball without problems. A golf ball with some effort and pain, and a pen or small object can be a big problem to grasp.”


“I’ve been on it for about 7 years and my PSA has never been above .5. No side effects.”



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