Zometa (Zoledronic Acid)

Treating Cancer – Related Hypercalcemia with Zometa (Zoledronic Acid)

The outward and physical effects of cancer are always a manifestation of the internal damage it has caused. Cancer can affect any of the body’s systems – respiratory, immune, blood and circulatory system, hormonal, and lymphatic system, just to name a few, and cause a malfunction of such systems. An after effect of such cancerous impact on the body is hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia is a condition that is typified by excessive calcium in the blood; ideally, the percentage of calcium found in the blood is 1% – anything above this level is bordering on excessive.

Cancer – related Hypercalcemia

Cancers that affect the bones like multiple myeloma, breast cancer, and leukemia are mostly responsible excess calcium in the blood stream. Also, cancers that affect the function of the kidneys can result in excess calcium; the kidney is responsible for disposing off of excess calcium in the body. Although there are other factors that can be responsible excess calcium in the blood, but the focus here is on cancer-induced hypercalcemia, and how Zoledronic Acid, a generic name for Zometa can help inhibit the underlying causes of hypercalcemia.

Zometa or Zoledronic acid as it is generically called is used in the treatment of cancer-related hypercalcemia. What Zoledronic acid does, is to restrict the delivery of calcium from the bones into the bloodstream. Zoledranic can also hinder the disintegration of the bones which can otherwise rapidly overwhelm the blood with calcium. Considering the effects of excess calcium could go as resulting to death, using Zometa can greatly reduce the risk of such.

Administering Zometa: Dosing and Strengths

Zometa or Zoledronic acid has no pills, hence; the only means of administering it is via an infusion into the veins also known as intravenous IV. Each solution of intravenous concentrate should contain 4mg in 5mL. As a matter of fact, it is known as Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL.

The whole 5mL is given to the patient in a period that should exceed 15 minutes; this is to allow the drug be introduced gently into the body, and should be administered by a registered healthcare professional.

Where to buy Zometa (Zoledronic acid 4mg 5mL)

You can buy Zometa from your local drug store or at online drug stores like CancerDrugs.supply. However, they are strictly sold on the basis of prescription from a recognized healthcare professional.

At CancerDrugs.supply, we only stock products from registered and genuine suppliers, to protect our customers from the effects of fake products, and protect our brand name as well. With us, you always have a choice depending on your pocket size; for example you can go for brand Zometa, or buy the cheaper generic versions of Zoledronic acid that cost just a little fraction of the brand names.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take my order to get to me?

When you make your order/buy Zometa or Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL online, ideally, within 48 hours we would have dispatched, and sent the parcel tracking number to your mail. The 48 hours enables us do a thorough check by our pharmacist at CancerDrugs.supply.

Are there side effects with the Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL?

Yes, there are side effects associated with the use of Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL, and the more common ones are: cough, chest pains, chills etc. As always, be observant when you start taking any dose of any drugs, and report any observed changes during the course of use.

Can I buy Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL without prescription?

No. Zometa is strictly sold only with a prescription from a registered healthcare professional or healthcare facility.

What important things should my doctor know before being administered Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL?

You need to tell your doctor about any dental issues – recent surgery, injuries, or infections, before Zometa is administered. This is to prevent osteonecrosis of the jaw.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL?

It is important to contact your doctor as soon as possible; he will be in the best position to determine the next course of action.

What drugs do Zoledronic acid 4mg in 5mL react with?

Pain relievers like aspirin and Tylenol have been known to counteract the effects of Zometa in the body. However, it is always good practice to list all the medications you are presently on whether herbal or orthodox.


“It was an easy IV for 15 minutes. Felt wonderful all day long. Hadn’t felt that good in a very long time! Next day so sick. Went right back to bed and was completely out all day long. Got up later that afternoon and felt fine from then on. Was given 4 ibuprophens before IV.”

– Anonymous

Zometa (zoledronic acid) for Osteolytic Bone Lesions of Multiple Myeloma: “My mother was on this IV treatment for about 3yrs when she was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. The only side effect at the time was nausea. 3yrs later she is now experiencing Osteonecrosis of the jaw due to this treatment. I guess my view on it is the treatment is it helped at the time to prevent any more lesions but now the bone in her jaw is dying and causing lots of pain. She just had surgery on her jaw to remove the dead bone and hopefully heal.”

– Anonymous


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