CAVERTA® (sildenafil Citrate) 100mg, 50mg, 25mg


Caverta Information

Caverta is highly-effective medication from Ranbaxy having significant proportion of Sildenafil Citrate with the advantages of 100 mg. The medication is helpful to those who have fallen prey to erectile dysfunction i.e. inability to maintain firm erection. As a Phosphodiesterace-5 (PDE5) inhibitor, it widens the arteries reaching to penile region and escalates the flow of blood. When blood starts flowing in and out, an erection is achieved, harder and tougher,in conjunction with sexual stimulation. Besides impotency, the medication has been proved useful for treating Pulmonary Arterial Dysfunction.

Caverta is red-colored triangle-shaped tablet consumed orally, with or without food. Heavy or fatty foods reduce the effectiveness of Caverta. Prefer lighter meals. The medication must be taken 30 minutes or an hour before your scheduled sex session. Do not consume more than one pill ie pill in 24 hours. It is an over-the-counter medication and not recommended


My favorite ED medication is Caverta. The medicine reacts fast and gives longer pleasure. I am happy seeing my wife happy. It is just amazing. Some side-effects are troublesome such as vomiting and joint pain. But they all exist just for few hours. Thumbs up Caverta!

My husband and I were facing tough times when we realized that he is an ED patient. Nevertheless, we found a brilliant solution – Caverta. What a medication. I am very happy experiencing a dream-like sex life. He is on 100 mg Caverta.

In case you ask me to choose between Caverta and Viagra, I would choose Viagra. Caverta is good but original is original. And I cannot ignore side-effects like sleeplessness and muscle pain I have been through

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